Cultured marble shower surround with real marble floor

susielizMarch 24, 2012

I'm considering doing a cultured marble surround in my shower and a weave design tile of real marble on the floor. It's a small room so I want them to match but I don't want real marble in the shower. Any input as to whether this is a good idea?

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If the colors match pretty well I say go for it.

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I wouldn't... I'd worry that your real marble floor would make the cultured walls look fake.

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I'd definitely go with a cultured marble shower pan instead of natural marble tiles. The pan is all one piece and there is no chance of a leak, no grout lines to grow mold and so easy to keep clean. If you want I can send you some photos of installed shower pans.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I like both cultured and real marble, but I don't think I'd combine them that close together.

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I have cultured marble in the shower with a regular white pan floor. What a mistake! The cultured marble has worn off the seat part and also parts of the wall. My neighbors have experienced the same thing happening to their baths after 10 years. I always used what they suggested for cleaning. If I lived up north I would use the marble but in the south they like their tile.

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