Removing metal rub marks from painted wall

linnea56January 3, 2009

I took down some brass metal accessories from the wall and have rub marks where they were. I donÂt want to repaint the whole wall. What will get this off without removing the paint? The paint is pretty old but I still like the color, and it is in good condition apart from these rub marks. They are not dirt, but shiny like the metal rubbed off on the wall.

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I'd try a magic sponge.

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Oh! I had not thought of them. They are safe for paint?

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They are only safe for paint if the paint is a gloss finish, not flat. If you have some paint leftover, just do a small touchup where the rub marks are.

Most likely though it is the paint has been scratched off by the metal, not the other way around. I have a small container of every paint we have used in our house and I have several places I touch up regularly, one being where a small metal trashcan rubs the bedroom wall.

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Unfortunately the paint IS flat. I remember reading somewhere that it was a problem for some kinds of paint. ItÂs such a small area, but itÂs next to the door so I see too much of it.

It has been a long time since it was painted, so we have no spare paint. I donÂt think the paint is rubbed off, you can see shiny parts the exact color of the brass item that was hanging there, in a semi-circular pattern where it moved whenever someone slammed a door.

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Since it is flat paint, I would gently dab at it with a wet rag, and if all else fails buy a new piece of wall art!

Good luck!

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If the paint is non-glossy and also non-flat, then you can try scrubbing it with Spic and Span. Eggshell paint is ok to scrub.

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