Hard to Clean Glass Subway Tiles in Shower??

kswartwoutMarch 3, 2013

I'm considering buying some dark gray translucent glass subway tiles (3 x 6), to put on the upper portion of the walls of a tub/shower surround. It would be white ceramic subway on the bottom portion. I think the grout would be white for everything. I've never had glass tile before, and I'm wondering how it is for cleaning. Does it get all kinds of ugly water spots? Does it look pretty good in terms of cleanliness?

I appreciate any help.

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It's easy to clean, but.................

You have to clean it and or squeegee it. No different than clear glass shower doors really.

In general , dark colors show water spots more easily than light ones do, no matter the material.

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Hmm. Would you think a frosted glass would be easier? They also have a dark gray frosted glass tile that is pretty.

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Harder to clean, shows less water spots . Same light / dark issues though.

There is no magic bullet, you'll have to clean/ squeegee or have spots and dirt,scum.

pH neutral water and liquid soap can help a whole lot though.

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I have an all glass shower with glass mosiac running down the wall and through the floor. I do have soap build up on the mosaic right now, (haven't take the time to clean it) I can't see it on the white glass tiles. Those are 24x24. The shower doors even tho they are sqeegied 90% of the time do get a soap build up towards the bottom. I find that Kaboom sprayed and allowed to sit for a min or two cleans then a scrub of a light brush and it cleans right up. I will add, consider using a similar grout color to the gray sub tile unless you want to see that much detail. I used a similar color around my mosaics and it looks really good it lets the tile stand out rather then celebrating the grout.

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jjaazzy, do you have any pics? I'd love to see!

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i have some glass subways in my shower and i love them! (wish i put in more!) i do squeegee them after showering tho and i treat them with the same rainx type product every 6mths- year when i do my shower doors.

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Could you do a semi gloss subway to get the look without the upkeep? I'm looking at both a gray glass and gray semi gloss subway tile but can't find any photos to see if the look is similar. In the tile shop, they look comparable...

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