What the Easter Bunny Taught Me (heavy pics)

phonegirlMarch 20, 2012

TJ still has her outfit on from Nana's tea party but she wanted to share her new bunny and this poem w/all of you.

DD brought me this new crackle bunny so had to share.


Don?t put all of your eggs in one basket.

Walk softly and carry a big carrot.

Everyone needs a friend who is all ears.

There?s no such thing as too much candy.

All work and no play can make you a basket case.

A cute little tail attracts a lot of attention.

Everyone is entitled to a bad hare day.

Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits.

Some body parts should be floppy.

Keep your paws off other people?s jellybeans.

Good things come in small sugar-coated packages.

The grass is always greener in someone else?s basket.

An Easter bonnet can tame even the wildest hare.

To show your true colors ? you have to come out of your shell.

The best things in life are still sweet and gooey.

Author Unknown

The new chargers, napkin rings, tan and green salad plates were gifts I rec'd for Christmas. I had bought this tc at Ross.

Remember my bunny face cups? Should of added some eggs! I'll do that later.

I've had these metal planters for years so added paper grass, tulips and eggs.

This picture shows the 3 lit candles. I didn't light the little egg candles in the dessert cups.

I framed my vintage post cards I received from friends last year and added it to my buffet. I had a hard time getting a good photo so will share one w/my ts. I dug out my lg pedestals and decorated them and the small ones for the buffet.

I have so much Easter stuff that I'm sure I'll be sharing more as Easter nears. Thanks for looking.


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Punk that Easter Bunny is one smart fella!
All the colors you chose are perfect with your tc.
I love the way your green flatware sparkles.
The Bunny face cups are so sweet with or without the eggs.
Your new crackle bunny is definitely the star of the show.
Such a happy table. Thanks for sharing!
I'm looking forward to seeing more of your Easter decor!!

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I forgot to thank TJ for showing us her new bunny, it is really cute, and for sharing the poem.

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Marlene Kindred

Well, you are on the ball lady! LOVE your Easter table and buffet...all the bunnies, the tablecloth and all of your accessories are wonderful! Love the pinks and greens! Thanks for the poem...had to laugh at some parts are suppose to be floppy. I SO fit that category. ;-)

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Punk, love this Table. and I especially enjoyed the poem. Had a chuckle over that one. Once a few years ago, I had a new boss at work, a really young fellow, who thought he knew everything about everything, but really hadn't faced many of the problems life throws at you that makes you a better, more thoughtful purpose/ That year at Christmas, my gift to him was a copy of the book, All I need to know, I learned in Kindergarden"by Robert Fulghum. I"ve always wondered if he ever read it. Thanks for the memory.You are such an inspiration

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Oh, punk! I saw TJ's 'twin' at a consignment shop today!!! I saw that lil' face, blonde hair & blue eyes & thought, "I know that lil' one!" LOL! Thank TJ for sharing that humorous prose!

Good to be able to be back on here...was way slow & keep locking up the last couple days for me! & then I saw the note that they were having Garden Gnome problems on the Forum!

Your Easter t'scape is fantastic! Your new bunny is a great HIT for the centerpc with those eggs/feathers & such! & your place settings are beautiful! I share those same green glasses except mine are black...love the texture & weight of those! Those new chargers & napkin rings are very cool!

Love the t'cloth! So cheery for Easter! And the tulips in the rustic container w/eggs...love that! All the sherbet glasses w/egg candles & the lil' bunnies around the table are so darn CUTE!!! Flatware looks lovely! Everything shouts Spring! Love it! TFS & lookin' forward to more! Jeanne S.

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Wow, Punk, you are on the ball with Easter stuff out already! (I just got ST Paddy packed up and stored today!)
So many cute things to see on your table, I have to keep going back cause I know I miss stuff the first time or two.

Love TJ's bunny, and that poem is a hoot. I especially like the part that says "Some body parts should be floppy." LOL.
Mine sure are!

Can't believe Jeanne saw TJ's twin there in Iowa! I saw a photo of a doll on Pinterest and fell MADLY in love with her. No idea if she's for sale, but if she is I'd probably have to take out loan if I wanted to buy her. But gosh, she is just stunning! I'll copy her photos and show you in a bit.

hugs, Karen

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Nana, I hadn't noticed how the flatware showed up in the pics till you mentioned it. I remember how yours like this showed the colors through and we all loved it on your table. I don't remember where I got those bunny cups but still like them too.

Marlene, glad you enjoyed the poem. I'm in the floppy category too.LOL I love pink with most colors now days.
Janet, I laughed at your book All I need to know, I learned in Kindergarden you gave as a gift. If he didn't say anything he probably didn't read it or get it!

Jeanne, how funny you saw TJ's twin while shopping. I've looked on the web and never found one. I had seen that the Garden Gnomes were back but never had a problem getting on here.

Thanks for all the sweet comments ladies. I hope to see lots of Easter decorating posted here soon.


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Punk, your daughter always finds/buys the neatest things for you and this new bunny is no exception. Love how you not only get to do a tablescape but can decorate your buffet too. The feather boa is a neat idea for adding color and texture too. Very festive looking. Thanks for sharing. Luvs

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To begin with, I'm crazy about the Easter Bunny "advice" you shared. I've already copied it and plan to use it in the near future. I didn't remember the bunny face cups. I think they add just the right height to each place setting.

The woven chargers and napkin rings give the table an outdoorsy feeling. Does the centerpiece bunny have polka dots or hearts on him? OH! just looked back at the bigger picture. He has hearts and flowers. Or is it a her? I usually name my ceramic animals, so I automatically make them male or female.

You sure got a lot of nice things for Christmas. One can never have enough table items, right?

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Great Job! Love all the pink and green together. Just Beautiful....

Love the poem...Gotta copy it..


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Punk...Cute poem....but you left out the part where the Easter Bunny ALSO taught you how to be a 'Duracell Bunny' !! LOL
I'm always amazed over how fast you whip up these tables with so many cute details.
Seeing this one gave me a very happy feeling. TJ new bunny is adorable and I have to agree that your new CP bunny is a show stopper. DD did it again! Love that pretty tablecloth and all the cute bunnies, especially the bunny faces on ea place setting.
I'm feeling so frustrated not being able to join in...but at the same time- I'm glad I'm able to see all
the fun Tablescapes and decorating you guys are doing!
Keep em coming.


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What a fun and happy table!
Love the new bunny CP. so sweet of DD to find such wonderful pieces for you.
The colors just sing spring and all of your new pieces are such great additions to your table.
I have some of that flatware in red, pink, and clear and it does reflect light when photographed so it appears lit up.

I spy lots of bunnies in the background on the buffet, so lookin forward to that post as well.

I love the poem too, so I'll be joining the rest of the group who are making copies, LOL.

The bunnies are sure tip toeing through the tulips on this table.


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Karen, opps, we must of been typing at the same time. Sweet picture, made me bust out loud laughing. TJ is #252/2000 so there is alot like her out there.

Luvs, DD does like to shop and then watch me smile. I'd like to think she inherited this from me.LOL

OA, are you planning on sharing with us how your using the poem? The bunny has pink tulips and green stems painted on 'her'.

Creek, my heart is still sad after reading your post about DD tonight. Hang in there and know we are all praying for you and yours.

Jane, I don't think I'm much of an Energizer Bunny any more. Seems like I require more rest than I use to. I haven't had time to do any more decorating but will try to share a few more pictures of what I've decorated this weekend.

Will miss your wonderful Easter table and decor this year for sure.

Candy, it's so amazing how the enablers here have helped us increase our flatware as well as dishes and decor. I tell myself no more until I go shopping again.Darn It's fun to match flatware on our tables tho, don't you think?

I will try to get more pictures taken and posted. Can't believe how time flies.

Thanks so much for lookin and commenting! All your sweet comments are so appreciated. Know I care even if I don't get back here to comment in a timely mannor. Hope to see how some or all of you talented ladies use the poem.


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This is adorable! I love the tablecloth , and those little bunny pots are adorable!

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