Our Appliance choices. Yea or Nay?

Keadog1March 3, 2012

We are getting ready to start our build but have pretty much selected appliances. I'm curious for strong feelings for alternates on a value/reliability basis. Not trying to start a fire fight, but have a few months before we have to commit. We have been planning this for a while, so we have already put some thought into it:

1. Sub Zero 42" SxS Stainless counter depth ($9200)

2. Viking Pro 30" Double electric wall oven ($6000)

3. Capital Culinarian 36" 6 burner (LP) ($3300)

4. Atsko DW ($1700)

5. Sharp 24" drawer Microwave ($760)

We aren't sure if we'll put in a wine cooler or not. Still have to pick washer/dryer. Figured we could use 2nd oven for warming drawer. Also putting 2nd fridge in pantry for overflow - haven't picked that either but probably a less expensive counter depth.

OK, let's hear it!


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The Miele Futura Dimension at $1749 is a better deal than an Asko XXL Series D5654XXLHS. Especially if, like 90% of us, you have hard water. Miele has built-in water softner.

The one appliance I would definetly skip is the Viking Pro Ovens. 1)Gaggenau 2)Wolf . I would even take a chance on the Capital Wall ovens before the Viking,match handles with the range and save ~$800.

Wine Cooler Perlick,Sub-Zero, Liebherr or True. In that order.

Washer and Dryer

2)Discontinued Bosch Vision is still available here and there.

If they are going to placed on second floor you may want to look into Electrolux. They have one of the better anti-vibration setups that is particulary important on second floor applications.

2nd fridge is All-Fridge or what type are you looking at?

Sub-Zero fridge,Capital range and Sharp MW are excellent choices.

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We liked the third (removable) shelf in the Atsko. Will look into the wall ovens. Thanks for the info on the washer/dryer - we haven't even looked yet, but will be on first floor of ranch home.
Also not sure about hood/vent choice but want high CFM as we grill inside in winter.

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On the wine chiller choice: it's nice to have some daily wine (table wine, maybe a nice bottle) handy. OTOH, at least from my point of view, there's no particular advantage to having 3 or 4 cases of wine in the kitchen, and the bigger you go with a wine chiller, the more space you surrender for cabinets and other appliances. To the extent that's a consideration or concern, you might ask yourself whether there's a place elsewhere in the house that might be at least as well suited to whatever wine chiller or cellar you'd like to have, at whatever scale, and either have a small counter-top unit handy to the kitchen, or just not worry so much about half a dozen bottles in or by the kitchen on a one or two week rotation (albeit, even there, not right next to the range).

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Wine chiller very iffy - we don't drink that much.

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We liked the third (removable) shelf in the Atsko.

I think you mean Asko DW? There is no Atsko.

Miele also has third removable shelf.

Also not sure about hood/vent choice but want high CFM as we grill inside in winter.

Prestige and Modern-Aire would be my top choices right now.

If you want super high-end artisanal show piece Rah-Urth is good place to go.

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True, but I think they should change it to Atsko. Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?
Thanks for the hood names...

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