Tub Drain - Seriously?!

hest88March 17, 2014

So we're ripping out our old tub/shower combo soon and replacing it. I thought some things would be simple no-brainers--like what tub drain & overflow to get. Then I talked to a girlfriend who mentioned how much she regretted her toe-tap drain and it got me thinking that maybe I need to make a more informed decision with our drain.

This is what I know:

- We're getting 60 or 66x32 Maax Rubix, which is 19.5" high
- That means I need a taller drain system right? (Is it what Gerber calls a "Roman" drain?"
- I want a trip lever for ease of use, but also so the strainer can catch hair before it goes down the drain. Is there a difference between ones advertised with "removable strainers" like the Kohler Swiftflo? That sounds like a good thing right?
- Do I need to care about 16 gauge vs. 20 gauge brass
- Is there anything else I need to know?

Thanks all. I never thought I'd have to know anything about bath drains!

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With even 1 female using the tub, I think having a removable strainer it a good idea. Since our hair is longer, it tends to "wrap" around things like drains.
Brass is quite a soft metal. The lower the gauge, the stronger the metal, just like steel.

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Thanks Canuck. To complicate things, my contractor keeps pushing me toward a cable operated drain. The place where I'm getting my tub also only sells cable drains. From what I can see, affordable ones are all PVC, while the ones that are metal are waaaaaay over my price range (except for Kohler). And yet, I can find very info on the internet as to why a cable operated drain is superior to anything else other than ease of installation.

The tub saleswoman said there were no interior bits to catch hair, thus it was less likely to clog?

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