50's gray/red/blue bathroom redo - help

iloverpinkosesMarch 22, 2012

p.s. How can I email you guys the pic of my bathroom? I dont know how to post it! Here's another issue:: HELP! If we remove the pretty floral wallpaper (mildew stains won't come out) and have the wall skimcoated - what color would go with gray /red tile??? and baby blue tub and toilet? This wallpaper has been my saving grace for that color combination. Looks pretty as it could for what the tile combination is.

Should i:

1. Have the ceiling (thousands of cracked paint chips) redone and new molding and

2. Skimcoat the walls and paint it a _______ color?

3. What about the gray tile? We are concerned to take on the job. Reglaze it white? One part of the wall is bulging in one area. Who knows what can of worms would open up???? We just wanted it to be clean, and functional and of course cottagey-charming - pretty.

I had an idea that if I was stuck w/ the tile (gray/red) to paint the walls the same color as background of wallpaper (arctic blue) and then buy wallpaper, cut out the cabbage roses and simply decoupage them on in areas to get the cottagey look back. That will again, tie in all the funky colors.

What do u think of that???

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Would you consider repapering in a new floral print? Not sure that I would decoupage directly on the walls. You could find a wallpaper that has a matching fabric and put up curtains and decoupage accessories, such as the wastebasket, tissue box cover, possibly make two or three matching pictures from the paper and put them in colorful frames (not black frames, please) on the walls. That would maintain the cottagey look, but with a fresh take on it.

If I were going to paint the walls instead, I'd ignore the gray altogether ( I am biased, I hate gray), and paint them in a rich off-white, and then go with some wicker accessories, plus red and blue, or the floral items. Personally, if there were a way to paint the tiles white, I'd do that first.

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I'd be concerned about the bulge in the wall sufficiently to want to take a look back there. It may be a can of worms that is going to get worse over time and better to deal with it now than later.

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In order to post pictures here you need to upload them to a photo hosting site. I like to use TinyPic.com for posting to the forums. When you upload your picture resize to message board size. Then to have them appear in your post copy the HTML for websites code and paste it into your post.

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Why don't you do the labor yourself of removing the tile? It's not hard to do. You just punch a hole in the wall and pull the tile and the drywall off. It might take you several weeks to throw it all away in the trash if you have just one can.

Then you can see what's up behind your tile.

If I was in your shoes I'd call around to a few drywallers and see how much they would charge to drywall your bathroom if you demo the tile. I got my drywaller to put up Wonderboard around the shower- ask them how much to do that too. Then you can put any tile you want around your tub and on the floor, and get a new vanity counter top from Home Depot. Tiling a tub surround and a floor is not hard. It's like building things with Legos.

Otherwise, you could just remove the stained wallpaper and find one in blue and red- stripes, florals, cherries or strawberries.


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How to Post Pictures

Pictures would really help. If the tile is in great condition, I think it makes sense to work with it. If it's not (or what's behind the tile isn't), then perhaps you could consider removing it and replacing it. As someone else mentioned, I would be concerned about why the tile is bulging. In my laundry room, my floor had original vinyl covered by stick on vinyl tiles. I noticed a slight bulge in two areas and assumed the old vinyl glue simply gave out. After I tore up the vinyl I discovered (to my dismay) that I had a waste water leak. If I hadn't taken the time and effort to figure out the actual problem, the damage could have been much more severe (health hazard mold, floor joist damage, etc). Thankfully I was able to find the leak, fix it, and replace the flooring.

Is your tub just a tub or a tub/shower?

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