Japanese Soaking Tub help, please

ctkathyMarch 12, 2012

We are considering a Japanese Soaking Tub (no bubbles or jets) in our master bath redo. The reason for this is not a room size constraint, but my husband likes deep water and he is tall. If we do not go with this type tub, then we will need to look at 72" - 74" tubs.

If you have one of these tubs with integral seats, would you be reclining partially or seated comfortably or are you bolt upright? We have a hot tub and I'm wondering if the seating is similar to that? I can see the seats on some models and they look pretty simple--almost like a bench. I would love to find one that has comfortable seating but that is round--about 48" round to be exact.

I am not interested in going with a tub that is 72" long and 42" wide or wider. If we go with the longer tub, then it would need to be about 38" wide but I'm hoping for the Japanese style tub.

Thanks very much.

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most Japanese soaking tubs are small in diameter and very deep, they are designed for sitting upright. I am not sure how much hot water you have available, but a tub the size you are looking at would require a lot of hot water

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I do not believe my question was at all directed towards water usage.

My research has shown that the tubs are available in a range of sizes up to 52" in diameter (and possibly larger) so I wouldn't exactly call this "small in diameter" .

If you have a Japanese soaking tub I would be most interested, as I stated, in knowing about the comfort of the seating. I do realize one doesn't recline in this sort of tub.

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We have an Ann Sacks Onzen soaking tub.... I see they now call it the Perfect Deep Soak Tub. It's 48" square and has 2 built-in seats. We have the one with jets. You don't float up at all. I'm 5'7", DH is 6'.

We did not get the inline heater, but we insulated well during construction. The water stays warm longer than I usually want to stay. It does take awhile to fill, but I turn it on and come back to it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Japanese soaking tub

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First, it is not nice to get snippy when people are trying to help.

Second, you might consider the Greek tub from Kohler. It amounts to the same thing. Very deep and straight sides. It is 32 x 48. I love it.

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Two aspects of any tub you choose for soaking is the depth of the tub from the seat (be it an integrated seat in an ofuro type tub, or the bottom of a traditional tub), and comfort. Here's an example w/two Kohler tubs: Kohler Remington (similar if not same as picture in other post) has a water depth of 27 1/2" from bottom of tub to overflow, with seats at 7" and 11"; effective depth is 16" on one seat, 21" on the other. The Kohler Tea for Two (5'5") has a soaking dept of 19 1/2" and is long enough for even a pretty tall person to be quite comfortable.

We decided to go with an extra deep traditional tub over the japanese soaking style because we decided that when we soak, we want to be able to stretch out as well. We are special ordering the tub w/o an overflow drain to get extra depth and putting in a special drain under the tub floor for spill over.

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