On Line Shopping?

marioncohen1March 27, 2013

Has anyone had success ordering from a site called
"Appliance Connection"? If anyone has ordered from them please let me know how it went. I am seriously thinking of ordering a Blanco sink from them. Thanks a lot.

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I have not shopped there, but it gets high ratings on the resellerratings website - a 9.63 out of 10.

Here is a link that might be useful: Appliances Connection reviews

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My experience with AC was not good. We ordered a fridge. First we called and spoke to someone, asking questions about delivery, service etc. They said it would take 10 business days for the fridge to arrive. We decided to go ahead and order it from the website, also requesting white-glove delivery. According to their customer service, this meant they would deliver to the house, unpack and place the fridge in the kitchen.

When I could see nothing about shipping, expected delivery etc. on their website, I called. And called. And called. Eventually I reached someone who told me they were closed, and no one could tell me when my fridge would be delivered. By this time it was almost two weeks since placing the order.

They finally delivered it almost a month after we placed the order. It turned out that they close for the Jewish holidays. This was not made clear to us when we spoke to their representative, nor was it on their website. Or we would have gone elsewhere instead of being stranded in a new house with no fridge for a month.

When they delivered, the deliverymen started to unload the fridge on the driveway. My husband was home to take delivery and got into a shouting match with them. They said their instructions were to drop the fridge at the house. He called AC and got them to tell the deliverymen that the fridge was to go inside the house, be unpacked and placed in the kitchen. They said they had not been paid to do so. It took a lot of argument, but they finally put the fridge inside the kitchen, but left it with all the packing materials.

It was all frustrating and maddening. I would never deal with them again.


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Appliance connection and ApplianceS Connection are two different sites. WHich are you referring to? I ordered my microdrawer from Appliances Connection and it was fine. Cheaper price than AJ Madison or anywhere else I could find that was reputable.

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We bought from Alliances Connection in Brooklyn NY. See link below for complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau. Read the stats, you'll find it enlightening. I wish I had done so before purchasing from them.


Here is a link that might be useful: BBB complaints filed against Appliances Connection

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I'm not sure if Jadeite's experience is typical, and the BBB page does not give the full story as there are no details about the complaints. Others seem to have good experiences. Use good judgement and buy with a credit card with good customer protections. If your fridge doesn't arrive in the time you expected don't sit around without a fridge and then go on the internet to complain. Call your credit card company to get a chargeback and order from somewhere else.

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Removed because of a double posting.

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realism - I did not "go to the internet and complain". The OP asked for input on past experience with AC. I gave it, and was as specific as possible. What is your problem with that?


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Marion--You might want to look into Plessers. Maybe even ask them for a reference of a recent long distance customer.
I CANNOT vouch for them as far as long distance shipping since I am local. My opinion is that many problems with long distance purchasing are problems with the shipping company that the dealer hires(which is not Jade's complain with Appliance Connection though).
I purchased two appliances from them and I paid for inside delivery(2nd fl. walk up). The items were delivered as I expected. I am so happy that I learned that standard delivery is curbside, no good for me !They sent me automatic emails to respond to for updates since the date for installation kept on changing. I was very happy that I was able to have them hold the appliances until I was ready.
I plan on ordering from them in the future.
If you do order online please post your experience and the dealer name so we can all learn what to avoid(if possible).

Here is a link that might be useful: website

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jade-Everyone should post their experiences, good or bad. That's what you did.

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I was just providing a counterpoint to Jade's post. She obviously had a very bad experience but not all of it was Appliances Connection's fault. Her post states:

"They finally delivered it almost a month after we placed the order. It turned out that they close for the Jewish holidays. This was not made clear to us when we spoke to their representative, nor was it on their website. Or we would have gone elsewhere instead of being stranded in a new house with no fridge for a month.:

Being stranded for a month without a fridge is not entirely Appliances Connection's fault. As Jade states, she would have gone elsewhere had she known she would have to wait for so long. If thats the case then she should have cancelled her order and placed another order. Or if she couldnt cancel then she should have done a chargeback, refused delivery if the fridge ever came, and ordered elsewhere.

I am not saying applicances connection is faultless in this instance. I am just trying to temper Jade's explanation of her experience which understandably is affected by her emotions of the situation.

The original poster needs to evaluate how much they are willing to put up with. Ordering from an internet retailer is never going to give you the service you will get from a local store. That being said you can get much better pricing online. Appliances Connection is hardly a fly by night operation. They have good reviews at resellerratings and even despite the BBB complaints, most of them have been resolved.

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That's ridiculous. What Cheryl did or did not do has exactly ZERO to do with the fact that they did not deliver close to the target date she was led to expect, or that it took a fight with AC or their shipping company to take in-home delivery.

Two weeks is ten business days, so it sounds like she got in touch with someone right about when she was expecting delivery. If she had been told that actual delivery was another two weeks out (she wasn't) and she was willing and able to take action with her credit card company right on that delivery date (doubt AC could have canceled the order themselves as they were closed) and she was able to find someone else to sell her the fridge at a better price or deliver quicker than another 10 business days/two weeks (in which case she would have probably ordered from them in the first place) then yeah, perhaps she could have done better than break even by going through all that. To me though, that would have been quite the knee-jerk reaction. And still has no bearing on who's to blame.

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Idk if I would put too much stock into the resellerratings.com reviews. Appliances connection offers to upgrade your order to express shipping if you leave them a review on resellerratings.com and email them a copy of your review. It wouldn't surprise me if a lot of those reviews were from people who had not received their orders yet when they reviewed AC.

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Ahhhh the blame game culture. Its everyone's fault but my own. If I need a fridge in the next two weeks and the place I order from doesn't even answer my calls in that time period I sure as heck am not going to just sit around for another two weeks waiting for the fridge to arrive. I am going to be proactive to get the fridge that I need. That involves taking the steps I mentioned previously and going elsewhere. I can see blaming appliances connection for the 2 week delay and maybe 1 week more if they promise delivery asap, but the entire month? Nope! Some responsibility has to be taken by the customer. But of course its easier to blame someone else for everything thats has gone wrong than admit we could have made things a little easier for ourselves.

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realism - Nobody is blaming AC for the initial two weeks, that's what Cheryl signed up for. The problem is the next two weeks. For her to take action earlier than the first two weeks she would have had to call her credit card company and say something like "I have an uneasy feeling because I can't get through to AC on the phone, so I'd like to break my contract now before they potentially fail to deliver on time." Having recently filed a dispute with my credit card company, I know that it's not quite as easy as saying "I don't feel like paying for this anymore." Regardless, what Cheryl did or did not do to get a fridge in a timely manner has absolutely no bearing on AC's failure to deliver as promised. There's no way to get around that. If anyone is playing the blame and shifting responsibility it's you.

DCJersey - Prior to carrying on with this nonsense I went on both sites, the one with an 'S' and the one without. The one without does not seem to carry sinks, so I'm pretty sure we're talking about the correct company.

iris714 - I'd never been to resellerratings.com before. Taking a quick look around I couldn't help but notice that applicancesconnection has several thousands of reviews there, whereas other huge retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, etc. barely have a fraction of that. I also skimmed through AC's reviews and saw quite a few high ratings for items the authors state had not yet been delivered at time of writing. Kind of makes it hard not to put two and two together, huh?

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"I also skimmed through AC's reviews and saw quite a few high ratings for items the authors state had not yet been delivered at time of writing."
me too.

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I never said she should cancel in the first two weeks. My point was that if waiting a month for a fridge is so horrendous then you shouldnt have waited that long. If the fridge hadn't arrived in the promised amount of time then you should start taking steps. If 2 weeks is acceptable but 4 weeks is not then I would have immediately started looking for a new fridge when the other one did not arrive on time. Blame AC for not delivering on time. Do not blame AC for forcing you to be without a fridge for a month. After the 2 weeks were up you could have definitely taken steps to get a fridge sooner than that. Like I said originally AC is not blameless, but they are not 100% culpable for the month's wait for the fridge.

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realism - I actually think you're a little off-base here. Reversing/disputing a charge involves a whole procedure. You're encouraged to first try to resolve it with the merchant which you can't immediately do if the merchant is unreachable. The dispute is forwarded to the merchant who can then dispute the dispute. You're not initially required to pay the disputed amount but if you go an order another fridge and the dispute is not resolved in your favor, you're on the hook for both charges ultimately.

IMHO, this is entirely ACs fault for not informing the customer that they would be closed for 2 weeks and/or not putting a message on their phone and webpage.

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Perhaps she could have gotten a fridge earlier, but based on the facts as presented AC is 100% culpable for not delivering the fridge that THEY promised within the timeframe that THEY led her to expect.

Either I'm right or I'm stupid, but either way I'm checking out of this conversation now.

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After doing a lot of googling appliancesconnection reviews it appears to me that the high ratings on "Resellers Ratings" are not in agreement with most of the review info I found.

Check the one below that gives them a 1.6 rating out of 5.

Also almost 200 complaints, many about shipping and some not resolved even after a year.
Also be aware that not everybody is going to register a complaint with the BBB so more than likely, there are a lot more complaints that what the BBB showed.

Why are they not BBB Accredited, are AJ Madison and similar others?

Anyway goggle reviews for yourself and don't use just one source of info. There are reviews here in Garden Web too
for Appliancesconnection.

Reseller Ratings shows them with a high rating, the web-site I happened on was just the opposite, so the more info the better, but based I what I found I would follow Cheryl's advice.

I , in fact, make every effort to buy from a local store, Pacific Sales in most cases, I've never had a problem with anything I"ve bought there, they deliver and install when they say they will, etc etc, but if I did have a problem, it's just a short drive to straighten out the problem, "Eyeball to Eyeball".

To me, and especially at my age, saving $300 is not worth it to me to go thru what some of the On-line buyers have had to endure.


Here is a link that might be useful: Reviews @ the other end of the scale

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Yikes, that's disappointing! I was hoping to get my sink there too, as they are an authorized dealer. I -almost- purchased my Advantium there, but happened to catch a sale a little better from the GE site.

I wonder how they are authorized dealers for so many brands and have such issues? That really puts a kink in my plans.

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Weismann- Disputing a charge really isnt all that difficult. As for being stuck with 2 charges, that is easy to avoid. Reject the AC delivery if it ever showed up. They can't charge you for a delivery you haven't accepted. If they do charge you anyway you can dispute that. If you have a halfway decent credit card they will support you.

Foodonastump- If you read my posts carefully you would see I agree with you for the first 2 week period. Once AC doesnt deliver in the allotted time then you should take steps to get a fridge if you need one that badly. Lets use an example to make this easier to understand:

Lets say AC didnt delver in the 2 week stated time period, but delivered the fridge a year later. Would AC be responsible if the customer starved to death because they could not store any food for a year. Of course not, the customer should have gone out and looked for another fridge. Admittedly this is an extreme example but the same principles apply. If you need a product by a certain date you should do what it takes to get it by that date even if it means going elsewhere. Now had Jade gone elsewhere and was upset at having to pay a higher price I would not blame here. But to say AC made me wait a month for a fridge, I cannot back that statement up.

Dodge59- Lets also take into account the general trend that those that are upset are a lot more likely to complain than those that are happy are to give compliments. Anecdotal evidence is only worth so much. I have purchased from Appliances Connection and received my items faster than promised at a great price.

The fact of the matter is that Appliances Connection is not some fly by night operation that is going to take your money and run. They have been around a number of years and likely sell millions worth of merchandise. They offer great prices. Only you can determine if such a good price is worth a small chance of some extra hassles. Of course if you need an item ASAP you shouldn't be purchasing over the internet anyway.

I should also note that I have suspicions that Appliances Connection is connected to AJ Madison in some way. Both are located in Brooklyn and if you compare their websites they are very similar. I wonder what that means.

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