keeping clear glass lantern lights clean?

flseadogJanuary 17, 2010

We have had our new pendant lights over the island for 3 months now and they seem to have a cloudy film all over them. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? I'm going to take them down and clean them thoroughly and I'd welcome suggestions of what would be the best product not only to clean them but that might also help stop the film from forming again. My sister has suggested that the lights weren't really clean to begin with when the electrician put them up and that they possibly also added fingerprints that weren't immediately visible to me. Just in case I'm also looking for a pair of cotton gloves to use when I put them back up. Maybe this is why butlers in all those old movies wore white cotton gloves. LOL. But I would seriously appreciate any suggestions on keeping these fixtures clean since I'm getting too old to be climbing ladders. Thanks for any help you can give.

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Stuff gets dirty. Add in some grease from the stove and maybe leftover dust having settled after the installation, and you can see how these pendants might get dirty faster than items in other rooms. I would wash them in the sink, put them back up and mark the calendar of the day you did it. Next time they look dirty, you can check back to see how often you are likely to have to wash them.

There is a thread on this forum about someone trying to understand why her bathroom is more dusty than the rest of the house. There's a long discussion on toilet paper fuzz and the merits of different brands.

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Thanks, graywings. You have been giving me a lot of help this week. It probably is the kitchen environment that is contributing to this. My son has recommended that I buy a cleaner that is designed for cleaning the inside of windshields. He always uses one and says that his windshield stays cleaner and doesn't fog very much at all. Do you know if there is any reason this type of cleaner wouldn't be a good idea?

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This is just a thought. Did you just notice the film when you turned your furnace on and is it gas? I lived in an all electric home for the last 15 years and moved, and now have gas. Gas sucks! I decorate with silver and crystal throughout the house. Since living here for 15 months, I have to polish the silver every 2 weeks and wash the crystal and display mirrors every week. That's not the case when the AC is on. I never had a problem when I had electric heat. I can't wait for summer.

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Thank you eteinne. That is an interesting thought. We live in Florida and have a heat pump but we do also have a gas fireplace. The pilot light on that is always on and I think even that minimal gas burning does something to the quality of the air in the house. The glass lanterns are over our kitchen island are close to the fireplace so maybe I'll just have to learn to clean more often or tolerate the haze. My sweet SIL told me she thought it was supposed to be that way, sort of an etched glass look, and that I shouldn't worry about it. She always has the nicest things to say but if they keep getting hazier I won't have enough light to work at the island so I know I have to do something. LOL.

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Flseadog, We are building a new home and in the process of picking out lights. I also would like the lanterns for over the island. My contractor does not believe we will get enough light from them. What do you think about yours? Would you put something different up b/c of them getting so dirty? thx

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Not enough light for me. If I had it to do over gain I would put in more recessed lights several in my kitchen and dining room and 2 or 3 in the area of my recliner. They may not be as attractive, but they give off a good light and you don't have glare from the blub. I like the look of hanging lights over the counter/bar but nothing tall gets between me and the the trees behind my home.

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It's probably a thin film of cooking grease making dust adhere. Try washing with dish detergent, and use your range hood on high while cooking since you shouldn't get that sticky residue.

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