baking: Wolf AG or DF

palomalouMarch 9, 2012

If you have AG, are you happy with its baking results? If you have had both, which gave better results? I have AG, and have been very happy, but wonder what may be eluding me.

Question 2: NYC dwellers, especially! If one MUST, no discussion possible, use a recirculating hood, what would be the max BTU burners that would make any sense?

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I don't have a Wolf I have a DCS all gas. I was concerned going from electric oven to gas but my results have been fine for baking. I find for roasting it is even better.

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I have not baked in the AG Wolf but have baked in many different gas and electric ovens over the years. I don't think there is that much difference between gas and electric per se but the difference is the features. The DF has dual fans, third element convection and a straight convection mode. These will allow a more even heat when your oven is full. The DF has modes that allow you to direct the heat more from the bottom(bake) or top(roast). I think the temperature swing is a little less on the electric oven than on the gas oven but you might be able to get the exact number from the sales person. The broiler is infrared on the AG and electric on the DF. These features may or may not matter to you. I have the DF and never use the straight convection because it heats so evenly anyway. I do like the different modes. The Df also has a temp probe but you can easily buy this as a separate item. The DF also has self clean and one roller rack.

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I have the 30 AG Wolf range and have been very pleased with my baking results. I have been baking in AG ranges all of my 40 years, and have baked professionally in both gas and electric. I always rotate my pans halfway thru to ensure even baking (that's a habit left over from my pro-baking days). I find that in my current Wolf, If I have 3 sheets of cookies baking at the same time, it helps to rotate the top sheet to the bottom and vice versa, and that the sheet that started on the bottom ultimately needs an extra minute or two at the end (ie: the sheet that starts on the bottom takes longer to bake). I do not use the fan, but perhaps the fan may help more even baking between racks? It is something I'd like to experiment with when I have time.

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Hello palomalou,

We thought we might be able to offer some assistance. Thank you for your interest in Wolf Appliances! Wolf manufactures two types of ranges, the Dual Fuel and the all Gas Range. We'd be happy to explain some of the differences.

Dual Fuel Ranges have an electric oven with 10 modes of cooking and gas dual stacked surface burners, while all Gas Ranges are just that; gas ovens and gas surface burners. Some additional features are noted below:

Dual Fuel Ranges (Electric Oven - Gas Top):

- Dual stacked burners offer 15,000 BTU and one smaller 9,200 BTU burner that offers a melt feature, 325 BTU, for things such as chocolate.
- Sealed burner design. This helps keeps spills and grease on the surface of the black steel tops which are in a fixed position. The burner rings can be removed for cleaning, while the pans underneath them would be cleaned at the stove.
- Porcelain-coated cast iron continuous top grates allow pots and pans to easily slide front to back or side to side.
- Self clean option to help with oven cleaning.
- Ten cooking modes, including several that are convection, to meet all of your baking and cooking needs.

Pro Gas Ranges (Gas Oven - Gas Top):

- Dual brass burners, 16,000 BTU, with automatic re-ignition at all settings.
- Open burner design with removable black steel tops that can be removed for cleaning at the sink.
- Distinctive spider shaped grates.
- Infrared broiler element for better searing of meat.

The Dual Fuel surface burners tend to give slightly more control in the simmer range. If you bake large batches of cookies and cakes then we suggest you focus on the Dual Fuel range with an electric oven. It will give great results and allows for multiple rack cooking and baking with convection.

A favorite feature of our Gas Ranges with it's beautiful heavy duty stainless exterior is the Infrared oven broiler where you'll prepare perfect steaks that are seared on the exterior with the juices sealed in.

Please see the following links for more information including specifications on both.

Dual Fuel Range:

Gas Range:

In regards to your ventilation question, a recirculating Wolf blower can be used on our all burner 30" and 36" models. We do not recommend a recirculating kit be used on models with charbroilers or griddles.

Our minimum CFM blower recommendation for ranges are listed below:

30" Range: 500 CFM
36" Range: 900 CFM
48" Range: 1100 CFM
60" Range: 1500 CFM

The hood should be at least as wide as the range. Choosing a hood that is 6" larger in width will offer more capture area. You can find additional information via the Wolf Ventilation Guide linked below.

If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us directly. You can contact us via phone Mon-Fri. 8:00-5:00 CST at 800-222-7820. We can also be reached via email at

Thank you,

Customer Care Team
Sub-Zero/Wolf Appliances

Here is a link that might be useful: Wolf Ventilation Guide

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I thought the Wolf AG was supposed to be going over to the sealed burners, no?

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I was thinking that too.

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