Anyone have alternatives to GE Spacemaker pem31smss?

eoren1March 20, 2013

When we bought our house and gutted the kitchen, we installed the GE Spacemake MW [pem31smss]. It was perfect - small, discrete and fit in the alloted space of the cabinet (12" deep, 24" wide, 12" high).

Fast forward a few years and we started to notice what looked like rust or peeling paint on the interior ceiling of the MW. Had some time so I googled for a fix and now am scared to use it. Apparently the paint in these GEs is very prone to flaking off and leaving the bare metal. That ends up leading to arcs when cooking and potential fires.

I've tried to find a suitable alternative but can't find anything that would fit in that space now. Our counterspace is at a premium so losing a 20"x16" spot would hurt.

Anyone have advice on a quality MW that might fit without too much problems? I'm almost considering the Panasonic NN-SD681S Genius "Prestige" 1.2 cuft which would stick out 4 inches. Wondering if I could break into the wall and recess it a bit to get the fit right...

Thanks in advance,

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Did a bunch more research on this and decided the options are:
1. Buy same MW from Bestbuy and fork over $80 for 4 yr replacement coverage. Cost: $380
2. Spend $200 more for the GE Monogram one but no idea if paint an issue there as well. Reviews far harder to come by. Cost: $580
3. Convert the space to an open shelf and stick the microwave on the counter. Cost: $150

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Look at the Sharp R-1214 - it fits in an upper cabinet.

And yes, you can recess a MW into the wall.

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