How to kill persistent foot fungus in showers...

wwesternwilsonJanuary 19, 2010

I never get foot fungus but this summer we camped a lot and used a lot of public showers. In September, I noticed my left heel was really itchy, and was splitting and getting tiny, horribly itchy blisters. None of the usual treatments (tolnaftinate, clotrimazole, frequent paring of dead skin) did a darned thing. Vicks VapoRub helped calm the itching, but made only minor dents in the progress of the foot symptoms. After three months of ongoing misery, I tried Lamisil and that is working, although I think it will take 2-3 weeks to really get the foot back to normal.

Next year, I'll be wearing flip flops in the shower...

Does anyone know: how DO you eradicate spores of these foot pests in a) your home shower and b) public showers you are about to use???

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I really don't know, but I would try pouring Clorox bleach over it and let it sit. Then rinse it with HOT water.

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Military and sports people have been dealing with this for decades. Perhaps try reposting on the Straight Dope Message Board.

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It seems like using a steam mop in your shower would work for killing fungus...

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Put hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle. Dry your shower floor after you shower, and then spray each time until you get this under control.
I use hydrogen peroxide to clean all of my showers. I spray it down really well and leave it for about an hour, then I scrub with a brush and rinse with the hottest water. When you see it fizz, you will know that it's killing something that is alive! You will see it fizz in the grout. I sometimes spray twice on the very fizzy places. When everything is completely dead, there will be no more fizzing. I use an entire large bottle of H/P every month to clean. It is perfectly safe to breath, unlike bleach products. It can also be used on stone and marble or ANY material, which bleach can not!

Grout that is not sealed is a recipe for disaster in a shower. Many people ignore this chore. It should be re-sealed every year! SEAL your grout if you have it! You must make sure it is CLEAN and very dry (at least 24 hours) before sealing! If your grout is not sealed,... germs, bacteria, and mold will make their home there, assured!

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You might also look into getting a boot/shoe dryer and drying your shoes overnight. I bought a boot dryer from someone on Craigslist a couple years ago. DH has had problems with his feet for many years and he swears that drying his boots overnight (every day) has solved his foot problems. When he left for a year in Korea he took my dryer with him (but I just found a good deal on a portable version so I have happy shoes again).

I washed my sneakers (in the FL washer so they did get a good spinning), put them on the dryer and I could wear them later the next day (and no major shrinking like putting them in the clothes dryer).

Here is a link that might be useful: Peet shoe dryer

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I had a foot fungus or something I think from trenching in the yard bunches of sprinkler pipe and used plain ordinary tube of triple antibiotic for cuts and wounds from the drug store.. worked pretty darn fast.

Used to buy the tubes of neosporin, but this triple stuff has that and two more somethings mixed in & generic store brand was cheaper.

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