Posted on bathrooms, but know you all better. layout help needed.

threeapplesFebruary 1, 2012


So we have a 6 x 6ft powder room with a toilet and a Kallista For Town consolee sink (24"deep x 36" wide). If you imagine the room as a box and we are looking down from above, the door is at the bottom right-hand corner and will open toward the right wall. So, the challenge is whether to center the console (which will have sconces on either side) in the middle of the top wall--opposite wall of the entrance-- and have the toilet on the bottom left-hand corner or to have the console on the left wall and the toilet on the top left-hand corner. My husband thinks the latter is best because you'll see the pretty sink and mirror when you open the door as opposed to seeing the toilet right there when you walk in. But to me it makes better sense to have the wall right in front of you be the focal point with the pretty sink, etc. I prefer to center the console on whichever wall it occupies because I'm really a stickler for symmetry. What do you all think? thanks!

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The way you describe it here, I'd do option 1. I think the toilet has the potential to be the focal point in option 2 as well, especially without the benefit of the focal centered sink/sconce wall.

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If the door to the powder room is left open (usually how it goes) what is the view from the hall with either scenario? I'm assuming you'd prefer to see the sink.

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or i'm thinking we could squeeze them next to each other on one wall and put a nice piece of furniture on the other wall next to the door.

is it worth trying to fit the sink and toilet on a 6 ft wall though?

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