GE Cafe range - gas / dual-fuel issues

carnivoreMarch 26, 2012

I've pretty much decided to get the newest 30-inch GE Cafe range with the 20k burner but I'm on the fence about All-Gas CGS985SETSS vs the Dual Fuel C2S985SETSS. It's not just due to the usual reasons, though.

I'm leaning toward the AG version for the broiling performance of gas, but there seem to be many negative reports about the amount of fan noise which some reviewers have even called unbearable. Some state that the roar is much louder than other convection ovens and that it runs continuously whether the oven is in convection mode or not. I haven't seen any such complaints about the fan noise in the dual fuel version though, so I'm wondering if there's a big difference between them.

My other concern is that while the lower oven in both models is electric, the all-gas version runs at 110-120 volts vs the dual fuel model which runs on 220-240v. I've seen some reports about the lower oven in the AG model being very slow to warm up and then slow to recover its temperature after opening the drawer due to the weakness of the lower voltage heating element.

So my questions are:

- Can owners of either of these models comment on the convection fan noise?

- Can owners of either of these models report on how long it takes to preheat the lower oven to, say, 375F so we can compare?

Finally, if you have this range teamed up with the GE Cafe CV936MSS range hood I'd like to hear what you think about its performance and noise level. Or conversely, if you passed over the GE Cafe range hood for another model I'd like to hear why.


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I have the previous model of the GE Cafe dual fuel range. I have used it both in convection and regular bake mode, and did not notice a difference in fan noise. The fan runs continuously regardless of whether it's in convection or not. I don't find the fan noise to be particular bothersome. In fact, I never even really noticed it until I started seeing people posting about it here. Now I do notice it, but mostly as background white noise that I don't really hear until it shuts off, and then I notice it is suddenly very quiet in my kitchen. Everyone has a different threshold for noise. I have a busy household with four kids, so maybe I tolerate more noise than others? The fan does not seem to be any louder than the exhaust fan I have (I don't have a range hood yet - current have an OTR microwave that eventually will be replaced with a hood).

I wish I could comment on the length of time to preheat the bottom oven but I actually haven't even used it yet (I've had my range for about 9-10 months but did not host any holiday meals here this year so haven't needed it). Right now it is storage for my cookie sheets and baking pans. If I remember, I'll try to test it out tomorrow for you.

I've been very happy with my range. I was able to see it in action before I ordered it because one of my good friends has the AG version (same older model). I'm bummed I didn't wait another year and get the new model with the 20K burner, but mine suits me just fine w/o.

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Thanks for the info, fourkids4us. Sure, if you get a chance to time the bottom oven that would be much appreciated.

How does the fan noise on your friend's AG model compare to yours?

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Looking for more info on the GE DF ranges; either the Cafe or Profile. Anyone know for sure the highest temp their top oven gets? I am hoping 550F like most other electric ovens do. The GE manuals do not say. I've seen their support website say only 450, but that does not sound right; I am guessing they meant the bottom oven only. If the top cannot exceed 450, it would be a dealbreaker for me. Thanks.

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The mother-in-law put in GE Cafe appliances (gas range, refrigerator, OTR microwave) three years ago. 20 months in the 'fridge quit. After a couple of failed attempts to repair it, GE agreed to replace the 'fridge for $700. Now the microwave went. Needs a new control board with a list price of $650!

The range has been fine - so far. You might want to do a bit more research on that range...

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