Inspiration from OA...thank you!

PurplemoonMarch 7, 2011

Recently when OA did the wonderful "Hands" heirloom picture, after getting idea from Jeanne,

I took an idea off OA's design! I'd loved the picture of the children's hands and wanted to do one as a surprise for my DD. Her little girls are 6 and 8. So today I went over there, as they have a brick patio.

I made my DD stay inside and took the girls out for 'some pictures'.

Here is my inspiration photo OA did....

And here are two shots I got of my DGDs hands. Not sure which I like best to frame

for their Mom's surprise. I think the first one. Opinions please?

the little girls were having fun with my taking hand photos, and asked me to take their

feet too. LOL.

Thank you SOOOOO much for the idea, OA. I just love it and hope my DD will too.

hugs, Karen

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What wonderful photos! To me, the first one looks like the little girls are reaching out to each other and the second looks like they are standing together. So I sort of like the second one. But that depends on your outlook, and what you see in the picture...

I love the toes and the nail polish!

- Magpie

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Ooops, I re-edited the photo of their hands from the front and that messed up the previous link. Here it is now

As you can see from my photos, one shot is from behind them and one from in front. So I don't know what I like best. Help....LOL.
I could print both and let my DD choose I guess.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, they are both beautiful. Love them both. The first one looks like they are starting off to somewhere... maybe school. That is a hard decision. - Marylee

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Too hard a decision for me...I think the pictures are both adorable!!
Thanks for showing us!
Hugs to you,

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I like the 1st 1 best as they look relaxed & enjoying holding hands! 2nd 1 they look cramped- a little unnatural but I would make a 2nd 1 of the feet! That is so sweet! A perfect pair! Jan

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I think I like the composition of the second one best.

Actually, I love the feeties one too. Wouldn't it be an interesting idea to photograph a newborn's feet, then photograph ever so often with and without shoes.
The Booties stage
The first pair of Mary Jane's
The flippers the summer they stayed at the beach
The ballet shoes when they took dance
Their riding boots
The soccer shoes when they came in second in the city tournament
Their first heels
Their wedding pumps.


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Wow..I think Jeanne and OA started something 'Big' here!
Love your photos Karen..
I think I like the first one too.
It's like a loving gesture of an older sister..
' Take My Hand...I'll Show You The Way'
The pics of the feet are so cute too...Love the little painted toes!

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I didn't try to get the M & M's to position their hands like in OA's pix I love so much. I just told them to hold hands and I got photos from in front of them and then in back of them. I wanted their hand-holding to be 'natural' to them. I think I'll get photos done of both shots, and let my daughter choose her favorite to put in the frame. I am going to do the feet one too and see if she wants it.
What she doesn't want, I'll put in my M & M's scrapbook.
(my daughter has 3 girls, all named with an M. The oldest girl is 22 and lives in Alabama now.)

Thanks for all the great comments!!
hugs, Karen

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Loving the "footsies"...toenail polish & stance! Could find a good quote to go with the print, "Oh the Places You'll Go" (Dr. Seuss)..

Both hand prints ...can't me the 1st one says..."off on a journey" ...

the second one says, "sisterhood ...strength...there for each other"

Nice work, PM...hard to choose...good luck! Beautiful gift! Jeanne S.

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Such wonderful photos. I, too, like the toes! I bet DD will want hands AND feet. Black and white just has such a presence, doesn't it?


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Lovely photos, I think either will be great, they are so sweet.

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Karen, these pics are so sweet! It's amazing how the different hands pictures send different messages. I like the first one best but it might be the black background and writing on it.

The feet are adorable and a great idea. I noticed the painted toe nails right off. I just painted DGD's nails and toes and air brushed them last night.LOL Let us know what DD has to say.


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I'm glad you were able to follow up on the hands theme--bet your DD will love it. The feet are my favorite though--just so cute with those little painted toe nails. ;o)


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I like them all. Glad I don't have to choose.

Like the others, I like the feet with the painted toenails!

I'll bet DD will want all 3. They would make a nice trio all framed in black!

Great job Grandma!!


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Karen, I love the photos.
I think using all three is a good idea also.
I would make prints of the cute little feet
for the girls as well.
Have you & DD made a choice yet?

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