Hoshizaki not draining

adamdocMarch 24, 2014

Hi all - we bought a Hoshizaki AM-50BAE, and it has been great. We recently went out of town and decided to turn it off. When we returned, we found about an inch of water sitting in the bottom. I turned it back on, with no problem at all but the water isn't draining. We have a gravity drain which drains through the floor, and have never had an issue. We have also never turned it off. Does anyone know if there's some possible benign reason for this, or if we need to get a service call?



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prob. mold, slime, ect.. in the drain tube.

If so , it'll need to be cleaned. A mild solution of oxyclean ought to do it. A small diameter brush on a flexible wire would help too, but they are really hard to find.

Could also just be a piece of trash that fell in the bin then floated to the bottom when all melted.

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Thanks for the reply. So, I do have an update. The ice maker is on the first floor, with unfinished basement below. I went down, and saw that the drain line shares a common line with the bar sink that it sits next to... Thinking that there may be some vacuum/bubble/common clog situation (we rarely use that sink), I ran the sink for a few minutes, and the ice maker drained completely. Super weird. I still plan to clean the machine since it was sitting like that for a bit, but can anyone explain this phenomenon? Does my theory make sense?


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