How to clean painted kitchen cabinets

petra_gwJanuary 29, 2009

Hi, this morning while changing a light bulb I noticed that the top cabinets in our kitchen (only accessible with a ladder) have lots of grease spots on them. They are painted with a washable, white paint.

I've tried dishwashing detergent, vinegar, barkeeper's friend, and while some of the grease does come off, it takes lots and lots of scrubbing. Can you guys recommend something that would make this easier? It can't be anything too strong, I have asthma and have to careful with cleaning products. Thanks much for any advice!!

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I have very good luck with Mr. Clean for cleaning greasy areas. Though I've had asthma & respiratory problems for quite a few years, Mr. Clean does not bother me.

Another good cleaner for greasy areas is Simple Green, which is bio-degradable.

Neither of these products have strong scents.

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Try a plain microfiber cloth that is somewhat damp. Today I was using that on my wooden doors and I suddenly realized that it was cleaning off dirt that I had never been able to get off before. I'm talking about decades old dirt and the finished was not harmed.

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Thanks so much to both of you!! I think we have a bottle of simple green somewhere in the garage, as well as microfiber cloths. I am going on a cleaning frenzy tomorrow. :o)

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