what's a comfortable master bath shower size?

skeetie219March 28, 2011

Hello everyone, I'm looking for opinions/experiences with masterbath shower sizes. Trying to get an idea on what is a good comfortable size/roomy without using up all the space. I would like to put bench and wall niches.However

I don't want a monster shower....right now the shower is 33"x33" (which is like a closet). We are still keeping a tub and 72" vanity. Room size is 10.5' x ~13'

Appreciate the feedback.

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It depends on whether you are trying to make a shower that two can use at the same time. If not, I would say that 4 x 5 is plenty big. As long as you can shower and not feel like the walls are in your face and you can swing your elbows without getting near a wall, I would say you are fine. Bigger than that, and you are just adding walking around space if you are not trying to accommodate two people. Even for two, 5 x 5 or 6 x 4 should be enough. Also, making a shower that is too big may look disproportionate to the rest of the space. Good luck--we just remodeled and had a 33 x 33 shower too--couldn't wait to get rid of it!

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In our old house our shower was 3 x 4, and two could fit, but just barely. Our current shower is doorless, with the main showering area measuring about 4 x 5.5, and it is feels spacious. We have two shower heads, both of which I use whether showering solo or with my DH. I don't think that I would care for a much bigger shower, as I think it would get drafty.

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We have a 42" x 62" shower, which is nicely sized for two, but without a bench in the shower. I'd increase one dimension by the depth of the bench if you want a built-in bench.

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Those 33 x 33" showers would seem big to me - mine is 32" x 30". It fits two if we stand really close together (which is fine by me). But the key measurement if you want two people to have room to spread out is the width of the wall with the showerhead on it; thus, a 3' x 5' shower where the 3' wall has the showerhead will still feel cramped for two, unless it's one at a time under the showerhead. Maybe that's what some people want (i.e. if you're helping a young child shower), but otherwise, you'll want either a showerhead or two on the wider wall (the 5' one in this example), or ceiling-mounted showerheads. If you want a seat or ledge, add the seat depth to the overall shower size.

I've never seen 5x5' or 6x4' showers, at least in any sub-$2mil house.

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Loner shower - 36"x36"
Twosome shower - 40"x60"
Party shower - 60"x72"

Think of it as a dining table. How many do you want to fit in?


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We just completed a master suite addition. Our shower is a neo-angle and would be 5'x5' except that the angled door chops off one of the corners. (I hope that makes sense!) The shower works well for us, and if we wanted to shower at the same time, there would be plenty of room. We have a corner bench opposite the door and niches on the two shorter walls so that shampoo bottles can't be seen when you walk in the room. The fixed shower head and the hand-held on a slide bar are on the two longer walls and the rain head is in the ceiling.

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thanks everyone... its all good information.

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