Mosaic tile tub deck or surround?

bh401March 6, 2011

Ok, I've got pics now. I can't do the original plan of an accent strip across the wall above the tub because the window trim is so low. There was going to be one strip above and one strip on the apron with the rest being the field tile. The tile above the tub will only be as high as the full tile on the first row above tub.(setting on board)

The tile guy says doing just the deck in mosaic won't work because we would end up with small slivers.

pic of shower and tub together

option 1. mosaic apron with field tile on deck and above(no accent strip)

option 2. mosaic apron with mosaic on apron and wall around tub with field tile on deck.

option 3.(not really a fan) doing all of tub in just field tile with only an accent strip of mosaic on apron.

Here is another shot with shower. The blank space on the shower wall(between already set tiles) is where the accent will run the shower. I'm also thinking of facing the seat with the accent if I put all accent on the tub apron

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I have a low window in tub area, too. I did mosaic surround and apron with limestone tile deck. Don't know if this will help you or not.

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Thanks for the pic. I really like yours but I'm afraid mine will be very busy. I was also wondering about putting a cap on the mosaic if I run the mosaic around the upper part of the tub.

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i think you need to repeat at least some of the mosaic on the wall below the window...
it is a busy mosaic, so i might limit it to a strip of 3-5 rows above the tub and field tile on remaining wall and then also just have a strip of same 3-5 on tub apron and all the rest field tile.

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I went out and talked with the tile guy again this morning. We are going to do the 4 wide strip of accent centered above the tub and on the tub deck. We are either going to totally remove the apron piece of trim under the window or trim it down a couple of inches to allow for even spacing of the field tile and accent. (Which is what I wanted originally)

I really like the idea of using the accent for the whole apron front on the tub but I think it will be just way too busy and that would be the first thing you would notice. I would rather have it flow more with the shower.

Thanks for your help:)

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