Cold, snowy Easter time!

jeannespinesMarch 26, 2013

Still cold & snowy here ... I got out my Easter tote today ...& added some decor to the porch table ...but must wait for a warmer day to bring out Spring totes & put away all the snowmen out there!

Can't believe Easter is just a few days ahead! The brown rustic bunnies are from a Holiday-er here on the cute! Hope to get more Spring decor done this week but it's hard cause it keeps snowing! :-(
Jeanne S.

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Another view .... yup, that's cold & snow outside! The Easter blocks I bought @HLobby a couple seasons ago using their 40% coupon...would love to find a wreath made of those cutouts like lynninnewmexico shared one yr! The big papermache bunnies were thrift shop finds & the terracotta pot I painted long ago ... has grass & some papermache eggs in it.

Hey, are we going to lose all of our 'links' when Photobucket changes over to their new format soon? Just wondering! Jeanne S.

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I never post here but I feel that I need to say I do visit and I enjoy seeing all the cute tablescapes and home decor and accessorizing photographs you guys present. Love this one. So cute.

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Very cute.

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Cute and it looks like a bit of sun peeking in on the bunnies.
Happy Easter!

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Thanks, Holiday-ers! Spring will come (soon), I hope! ;-) Happy Easter!

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Jeanne, I posted last night but sure don't see it! I only
came back to see who is here with us.LOL I always
enjoy seeing your decor and this Easter start is great!

Sorry your having yucky weather. What really amazes
me is you can have worse weather than we do and
your flowers seem to catch up and pass ours blooming.
With all the snow the snowmen are right at home.LOL


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You know I love the bunny arrangement. Super cute.
Can't believe the weather is still so crummy (mine stinks, but the opposite direction. 86 this week. Too hot too soon. No Spring in Phoenix).

As for the new Photobucket. I went ahead and switched a couple of weeks ago. I HATE it. HATE HATE HATE it.
It stinks. It MORE than stinks. All the pretty themes and ways to decorate photos with borders and such is gone.
Its a pain to use. I checked their Facebook page and it seems everyone feels like me, and wants the old PB back. Of course they aren't listening and are forcing this crappy new one on us. Lot of people leaving for other sites for their photos. I wouldn't be suprised if PB doesn't fail and go under in the future. Unless they listen to the complaints. I pay for mine, so I don't get the pop-up ads. When I started the inspiration albums for our site,I definitely didn't want all those fool ads showing up. I find them annoying.
But I am totally unhappy with everything they've done to "improve" PB at the moment. They did transfer my photos ok, my links work ok. But still a lot not working, like if you want reorganize pictures. I miss our pretty pages we could do.
Did I mention I HATE the new PB??!!!!
I'm actually being nice, you don't want to hear what I REALLY think about it! Tho I did let them know precisely how I feel. As did a lot of folks.

Welcome Patricia, hope to 'see' you around here more.

hugs, Karen

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So cute!
I hear you about the cold and snow!
We had a big snowstorm Sat. and it is slowly melting.

I had so much trouble getting on here this morning. I had to close and log off as everything I tried to open just gave me a shampoo ad and no way to close it to get to the posts!! AAAARRRGGHHH!!!

Anyway, love the big blue bunnies! The vignette is just perfect for Easter. Although Easter is a bit too early for my taste this year, LOL


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I always enjoy seeing your Easter Vignettes Jeanne.
.I'm also a big fan of those bunnies too. This brought
a smile to the gloomy weather we've been having.

Like you and the others, we've had our share of snow
storms 'up the gazoo' this Winter and am so sick of it..not to mention the cold temps. There hasn't been any people out and about
'house shopping' either! uggg
I agree with Karen about PB...they've totally ruined it.
I hope they go back to their old set up.

Besides all of's always nice coming here and seeing what you and our other Holiday friends do to spread
some Springtime and 'Easter Joy' ..
Enjoyed looking.


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Jeanne I really love your vintage style bunnies, They are ready for Spring too.
The weather hasn't been the best here either. Winter is having it's last hurrah. I hope!!
The sun is out this morning and we are supposed to have temps in the 50s by Sunday. Yay
Happy Easter

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