St. Patrick's Decor Tea Cart

christmascandyMarch 17, 2011

I decorated my tea cart for the holiday.

I found the leprechaun on clearance at Ross.

The teapot came from ARC, and the derby was from GW.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!


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You created a very festive area on your Tea Cart Candy.
Your Ross leprechaun is his little accordion.
That teapot was a nice find too and I like how you perched
the top hat over the lamp.
I'm amazed over how many tables and vignettes you've done in such a short time..and I've enjoyed looking at all of them.

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Candy, this is wonderful! Happy St Pat's Day to all of you. Love your teapot. The little leprechaun is so cute and looks like he's ready to have a good time.

Your hat, bowl and vines are so pretty. Enjoyed seeing this. Now I better go see what I have that's green to wear today.


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Marlene Kindred

Very pretty tea cart! Love the teapot and leprechaun! Happy St. Patrick's day to you too!

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That is pretty! Love that teacart, candy ...& what you do with it. Happy St. P Day to you, too! Jeanne S.

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Your tea cart is very nice. The greenery really adds a lot and the tea pot is cute. Today at lunch I was browsing an antique mall and I saw a leprechaun with an accordian (and one with a fiddle). Who knew leprechauns were so musical?

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Candy, I love the vignette you created on your tea cart. Pretty little tea pot. And the leprechaun looks very pleased with himself because he learned a new tune, and all of his gold is safe. LOL
Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and all of our friends here on the Holiday Forum.

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What a lucky find that teapot was--did you find it this year just in time for St. Pat's or was it a previous find? I like how you used the derby too, and your little leprechaun is precious. Luvs

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Jane, I didn't know what to do with the derby and just kind of hung it there as I was putting everything together and I liked how it looked.

Punk, I not only have a shamrock scarf, shamrock earrings, shamrock watch, button with my Irish maiden name, various green clothing items, but a couple of years ago, I found black tights at target that have shamrocks running down the sides. I just have to watch the weather to see if I need the green polo or the green turtleneck, LOL.

Marlene & Jeanne, I have had the teacart for almost 30 years, but not until here did I start decorating for different holidays. I used to put some Christmas decor on it, but other than that it had a soup tureen on it all the time. But since I joined Enablers R Us here, now it gets new decor all the time. LOL

Frou, well they need music to dance all those jigs, LOL. I now have 2 with the little squeeze boxes.

Nana and Luvs, I am always attracted to teapots as I am a tea drinker, and I found that one at a TS last summer. I wish I had enough display space to leave them all out, but I have to rotate them. I had trouble finding where I had stashed this one, but at least I remembered I had it, unlike the shamrock confetti, LOL

Faith and Begorra,
It was a grand day.


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Candy...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Everything. You did a fantastic job.
That tea cart is a wonderful thing to decorate, so I'm especially glad you found us and started doing it up for holidays now.

hugs, Karen

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Candy, your tea cart is a perfect place for decorating. I love small decorative areas. Thank you for sharing. - Marylee

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Very pretty, Candy! The teapot is lovely!

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