Tile Hydroban Wall Prep advice needed ASAP....

ecdiskinMarch 11, 2014

Hi All! Doing a DIY bathroom fix and hired contractor to rip down the old tile--he offered to get the durock up for me so I'd be ready to tile...I thought, sure. But here's now what I face...he taped and filled center horizonal seam with drywall compound--as well as as all the edges between drywall and durock, used drywall screws, and never installed a vapor barrier. So I figured I'd do a coat of hydroban to deal with problems but then heard it won't adhere to drywall compound. I sanded out the center seam down to the mesh tape and skim coated with thinset--as well as skim coated the edges of the niche and the side edges so the hydroban will adhere. I figured if I prime and paint upper seams first to seal the compound then I'll be able to tile up there and that's really not in the water zone. Beyond the screws issue--I can replace the visible ones--does this seem like an acceptable plan? I hate to rip it all out and start over--time, money, hassle...but of course, I want this darn thing to last!! Please chime in:) Thanks in advance!!

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I'll ask DH if he knows (he rebuilt our tub and shower surrounds).

However in the meantime, I'm pretty sure you need to apply three, not one coat of Hydroban.

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I would check the specs of your particular thinset. I find they are quite clear about what surfaces you can apply it to and what you can't. I wouldn't paint until I checked.

As to the one coat of Hydroban, I used Aquadefense (same type of thing - liquid waterproofing membrane). They again will be quite specific as to how many/how thick a coat you need to apply. You paint over all the seams, screw holes, niche, etc. first, let dry and then an allover coat. We did three coats for up to 7 feet high, ran out, and just did 2 coats for the top foot. DH painted the inside of the niche very very well, he figures it has about 5 coats!

I have found the tech support lines very useful. I wouldn't hesitate to call and ask them these questions.

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