suggestions to clean stove grates

oldcraftyJanuary 6, 2011

About 2 years ago I purchased a new gas range. DID NOT want gray grates and that seemed to be all that was available. I can't wash each time someone cooks on the range as I am gone all day and others are at home to cook. The grates have given me nothing but nightmares and lots of extra time in the kitchen. Soneone suggested I soak them in ammonia, that worked GREAT. I would put them in a sealed rubbermaid type container and completely submerse them under the ammonia and wa-la the next morning they were a breeze to scrubbing!!! Now to my horror the gray enamel finish is starting to peal off so I need to find another cleaning solution.

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Do NOT put it in the self-cleaning oven. I had the same problem with my gray stove grates and thought I was such a genius using my oven to clean them. They came out beautiful the first time, and after the second time the enamel started breaking off. I finally had to get a new stovetop, this time SS with black cast iron (which has its own cleaning issues.)

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I have a Dacor SS top with black grates (which I just cleaned by the way) and I hate it.

Never again. Next time I'll get one with the black enameled top that you can scrub. I love gas but it's a real pain to keep clean. My Mom has a ceran top and it's so easy to keep clean but so awful to cook on.

Sigh ....

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