What color is your tub?

ontariomomMarch 20, 2012

Hi all,

Wondering what color to order for our tub...

We are getting ready to order our bathtub (for a family bath shared by 3). It is going to be the Pro-Meridian55 (66" X 34" X 20"). We will likely order creamy-white cupboards in a transitional style (leaning closer to traditional rather than modern). However, we are not sure about our vanity yet (could change to a darker wood). So, what color would you recommend? Would you suggest white or biscuit? Is biscuit any more forgiving of dirt? Do I need to be certain on vanity color first?

Thanks for any opinions on either the tub color or the particular tub we are planning to order.


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I think if you go with the off white cupboards & if you go with a dark vanity, I'd go with a tub that blended well with either element - the cupboards or the vanity. If I brought in a 3rd color value I would want it to be a version of one of the existing colors. But I'd probably match the cupboards to the tub, so a bisque. BUT, the bisque would have to be the same as the cupboards if it were my BR, or at least the same hue, if not the same tint, tone, or shade, etc. The bisque might be a rosy bisque in which case I would really think hard about it before I mixed with a yellow white (Creamy). If you want a 3rd color maybe it would best be used as an accent color.

But rules are meant to be challanged. I am loving the cream and gray combos I see. I consider it the pastel version of Black and Tan.

Sample comparing will be a must before buying. I also think looking at amounts of a color will be important.

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Thanks enduring for your helpful comments. You are quite correct that I will have to carefully compare the biscuit color together with the cupboards. My interior designer is thinking white would be safer (although she has not seen the colour samples). The ultra bain website claims their biscuit color does match with Kohler's biscuit color so we should be able to find a matching toilet if we go with biscuit.

Has anyone done a BainUltra bath or Kohler toilet using this biscuit color?

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Mom has Kohler white sinks, tub & toilet in a bathroom with a 60" long creamy white vanity & a tanish color granite countertop--the white provides a slight contrast and gives the room a "crisp" look. I don't think I would want to match my tub/toilet/sink to my vanity--I think you need the contrast or everything just kind of blends together and becomes rather 'blah'.

White is pretty much always the safest way to go, provides endless options on coordinating color palette & is timeless.

Hope this helps!

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Off white cabinets in my boys bathroom and my girls bathroom and white kohler tubs. I like the white. Looks clean and classic.

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I was trying to decide between white and biscuit, I was being told that biscuit would have a warmer touch to my bath, but thought if biscuit is supposed to be such a wonderful color why is there only white showed in all the showrooms - high end and box stores - so I went with white. Also on Houzz every bathroom I loved was white sinks and tub. Classic, crisp and timeless.

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We just completed our bathroom remodel last week and put in a white Bain Ultra tub, white sinks and toilet. Our cabinets are a creamy white and tiles in bath and on floor are a creamy beige. I was concerned that I should go with the creamy color or biscuit tub, but decided to match my toilet, tub and sinks to all white. Very glad I did. Love the creamy colors and white together. I agree with winesnob that it's a crisp, classic look.

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Thanks everyone for letting me know a white tub would look great! I think I have settled on the white tub too. One more decision done.


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Yep, I had the same challenge in my bathroom! Long story short, cream cabs, white bathtub on the inside, and had it painted a soft creamy yellow on the outside. I think the contrast of the white and creamy is nice myself.

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Can't wait to see your BR pics!

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I vote for white. I have bone toilets, bathtubs and sinks in all three of my bathrooms and it really limits design choices. I feel crisp white is easier to match and never goes out of style.

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