The Big Vac

justjustinJanuary 19, 2009

Does anyone know anything about "The Big Vac" offered by ? I can't really find any reviews online and was wondering if anyone had/knew of them.


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These are larger canister vacuum cleaners, that are mainly used in commercial institutions. They are larger than your residential canister vacuum cleaner.

This vacuum has alot of power and filters well. The bags are going to be large.

This vacuum cleaner is made by Nilfisk-Advance. You will find it under different name brands. There is also a metal canister version, that Nilfisk-Advance makes.

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The Big Vac like said above is made by Advance. It is used mainly for commercial and I think you would find it somewhat bulky to use. If you are looking for a really good canister vacuum for residential use, Miele is really the best option. They are the most user friendly, quite, and best quality vacuum around.

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I have a "Big Vac" purchased from the Clean Team. I have been using it without any problems since 1997. It is NOT large, nor is it industrial in scope. It is a home vacuum. It has incredible suction and does a very good job. I have had both cats and dogs when owning this vac and it handles the needs of cleaning up after pets pretty well. The bags hold a lot of dirt, dust and debris, before they need changing.

It is an off label of an European manufacturer, so The Clean Team will not say who makes it for them. I am fairly certain it is not a Nilfisk-Advance. The replacement bags that fit this vacuum are very, very similar, if not exactly like some Electrolux vacuum bags.

Good luck with whichever vacuum you choose!

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Hmm. This thread pops up over two years later. The Big Vac is no longer available.

I am glad that your vacuum has been trouble free from its initial purchase date. This type of vacuum is promoted for commercial use in places like hotels, offices, cleaning services in homes, etc. Under the other brands, they are rated for commercial use. I could be wrong with this nameplate. There are people who purchase and use commercial vacuum cleaners in their home, for different reasons. It is fine to do so. Sometimes,there are features you cannot find on regular vacuum cleaners.

Last time I checked, Nilfisk-Advance was a European company. I think if you understand N-A, and what makes up N-A, you will understand the Big Vac.

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The Big Vac is available again and is as good as ever. We have sold thousands of them and people love them. It is no bigger than any other residential canister vac that I have seen. The bag holds 2.6 gallons of debris and the vac has three filters to keep the exhaust air clean. Check it out at


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Steve - Did you really find the terms of use for this site that difficult to read and understand? I can't imagine how one could successfully navigate the business world with such a poor grasp of plain, simple English.

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