Happy Birthday Luvs

phonegirlMarch 4, 2014

Wow, here in MT it's still March 3. Technically I didn't
completely forget your birthday.LOL Hope you had a
nice day and enjoyed yourself. We miss you here so


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Adding my best wishes and hoping that you had a wonderful day!

I hope you will come back and join us soon.

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I posted birthday wishes on her Facebook, and emailed her. But I haven't heard back yet. I wish she felt up to joining us here again. Unfortunately I understand all too well her lack of decorating spirit and dealing with sadness in trying to get back to it. (as I'm sure others here have too of course.) Just takes time....but I am sure she'll be here again.

hugs, Karen (and hope you had a nice birthday, Luvs)

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I heard from Luvs and she's working her way back
to us. That sounds like a song doesn't it? Wish we
could jump on the bus and take her around to visit
everyone. Would love to take Jeanne to her next
appt. on the way!

Jane, how's the bus running? Hope you took it
w/you when you moved! BTW, have you checked
the oil lately?LOL


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Happy (very belated) Birthday, Luvs ...
Hope you enjoyed your day ... hugs to you, Jeanne S.

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HAPPY BE-LATED BIRTHDAY LUVS! Hope you had a Grand Day!!

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