How to get gum off wood furniture?

linnea56January 15, 2009

I just made a new cushion for my grandfatherÂs old rocking chair. I went to remove the old seat cushion and found gum stuck to the wood. This is on the finished part of the wood seat, not the underside. Somebody (hard to believe they would do this, but probably one of my childrenÂs friends) put their gum under the seat cushion where it was pressed flat and smeared a lot before drying hard. I'm so mad!

How can I get this off? The chair still has its original finish, which scratches easily.

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The best way would be to get the gum to harden so you can snap it off. Generally they recommend putting an ice cube on it to cool it down, but you might want to wrap the cube in saran wrap.

Hey, it's 9 degrees outside my house right now. I wonder whether you could just set the chair outside?

Or possibly try Goof-Off, but it might take some of the finish along with it.

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Snap or scrape off what you can....then use oil. The "mother's own" way to get gum out of your child's hair is to rub peanut butter into it....then wash....I'll bet it will work for a chair too!!....then just wipe. peanut butter won't hurt the finish.
Linda C

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Thanks for the help. Mission accomplished. I used the ice first and got the big chunks off. It still took a lot of fingernail prying. The little smears would not chip off, so I applied some canola oil. I didnÂt have peanut butter, no one here eats it. The oil soak and a lot of scrubbing with a rag did the trick. It still got a few tiny scratches but most of those will be under the new cushion. Down the road I will have to refinish this chair, as the finish is worn off in parts and has bloom in others, but at least now I can push that job further down the road!

What would I do without these forums? My husband thinks IÂm an expert on everything.

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Glad it worked for you....

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