lotus sanitizing system

reeree_naturalJanuary 23, 2009

just wondering... I know a few members on here bought the lotus sanitizing system a while back.. it's been a while since this product was talked about. wanted to know if you are still using it and still happy with it?

I still use mine and still love it!



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Hey Ree, haven't seen you in a long time and have thought of you often. I bought the lotus to sanitize my husband's breathing equipment. Since his passing I haven't used it anymore. Could you please remind me what you use it for. I really should use it again. Thanks

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omg Zipster! I have also thought of you often. How are you doing? Hope well!! I haven't been on here in a long time..when I did pop on for a quick peek, I did not see any of "the old gang" but I do miss everyone.

getting to the lotus :) I use mine to clean everything. bathrooms, kitchen,( works great on granite counter tops and SS appliances) floors, windows..you name it and I clean it with lotus..lol I gave up up the shark steam mop..I do not like the new model..( looking into the Haan) so I charge the lotus water a few times and put it in my hoover floor mate. in-between, I spray it on the floor and use a micro fiber mop. works great! When I am finished cleaning, the house smells like fresh air.. love it. I use the bowl to do fruits and veggies.

so take yours out and start using it, I think you will really enjoy it.

I will check back for you! It was so nice to hear from you! missed ya!!

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Ree I'd forgotten all about this item. I'm glad to see you're still happy with it so I went and ordered it on Amazon for $105 including shipping.

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Hi isitdoneyet,
nice to 'see you'! good for you! I honestly think you will love it too! Make sure you also get extra cartridges. They insert in the back of the charging base. You do not need to change them that often, they last a long time. A box of four is $15.00 to $20.00 depending where you get them from. It will last for a year or so, depending how often you use it..I have mine going all the time and I find with constant use I change it every 3-4 months. What I do a lot is charge the water 2-3 times for cleaning jobs like the bathroom..I don't know if it makes a difference, but I like it super charged for some cleaning chores.

Please let me know when you get it, I want to hear how you like it. can't wait to hear!

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Hi Ree, I'm doing pretty good. It's a real adjustment living without my husband.

I will have to take my Lotus out and start using it for the cleaning jobs. I'm still using my Shark steamer but gave up on the Robo cleaner. I'll let you know how I do with the Lotus.

Missed you too.


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Hi Zipster

I know it must be hard for you. I also know you have a great family who loves you very much! :)

You are going to have to prime the base unit again..the water dries up when it's not in use for long periods. I must have jinxed myself... my spray bottle broke, leaking from the bottom and the water will not charge..it also takes a long time when getting to 100% as it is charging. I called the company, I have to say they are one of the best company's I have ever dealt with, wonderful CS! They are sending a new bottle..now my fingers are crossed the base unit is ok... I mentioned this to them and they said wait until I get the water bottle, give it a try..if it is still not working well, call them back and they will send a new base... I still can't believe how wonderful they are..I would recommend them to everyone I know
(just like the Shark company...lol!!)

please keep in touch..I wanted to PM you, but you do not have your email listed on the forum.

Have a good night my friend!

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Well I am sorry to say that my unit is RIP. I keep getting F-7 errors and it is past the warranty. Although I really enjoyed using it I won't be buying another. The first unit was a dud and the second one only worked less than a year. I guess Tersano has a lot of bugs to still work out. Too bad.
I called and they set the warranty time from the purchase of the first unit.
Guess I will have to move on...:0(

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How are you?? Long time!

awh..I can't believe that! Mine went ka-put, I called them and they sent a new one right out..I hope it lasts, I do still love it. Why don't you call them back and ask to sell one 1/2 off..explain you had two units that weren't good?? Maybe it will just take getting the right person on the phone..don't give up..try again..

keep me posted if you do! I hope they will do something for you..remember what they say about the squeaky wheel :)


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OK, I won't suggest ANYONE trying this but I had nothing to loose.
I ran HOT water thru it with 1/2 teaspoon of bleach.
Ran the cycle. Error code? NOPE!
Emptied the unit and re-primed.
Ran it again with hot water. NO CODE.
Emptied the unit and re-primed.
Ran the cycle with cold water and it is working like new!

Weird but true. I figured I had nothing to loose.
I found another unit someone got for Christmas and don't want so I will be picking it up later today. I really like the Lotus. They just don't seem to have the bugs worked out.

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when I called them they told me they had trouble with the one's made in 2007..the 2008 is suppose to be better, they got the kinks out.

Well, I am glad it is working again.. thats something how you got it going again..lol! Make sure you change the filter..

I really do love lotus water..the house smells like fresh air when I clean .. I have a hoover floor mate..I have been charging the water and using it in the machine..the floors squeak clean..for in between fast cleaning, I spray it right on the floor and use a micro fiber mop..so quick and the floors are really clean. I don't think I could live with out mine.

glad your up and running again! :)

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What is the Lotus system every one is talking about? Gailee

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Their site seems to be down right now but it is the Lotus Sanitizing system made by Tersano.
Got my "new" Lotus last night. I did not realize how much I missed the convenience of being able to spray it anywhere and knowing it would be clean!

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The site is back up, here is a link below.

oh good!!! I would really miss mine if I didn't have it..glad you are reunited :) happy cleaning!

Here is a link that might be useful: Lotus Water

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Thanks for the site Ree, it sounds wonderful. I still love my Shark steam mop. It may be a while before I can get the Lotus, at almost $200.00 but is going to be on my wish list , hopefully in about 2 months . Thank you again Gailee

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Hi Gaileee

so glad you are still loving your shark! Also happy to see you again :)

When I bought my Lotus, I spent 120.00.. from linen & Things..I had a 20% off coupon. I took a peek and you can get it on Targets web site, 149.99 and free shipping. It is up there but I feel it's worth saving for. I clean everything with it..including my floors with a micro fiber mop..I also use the bowl and clean all the fruits & veggies.

CS is great..after about a year of use, my spray bottle started leaking..I called them, no questions asked..they sent a new one right out.. long story but the unit wasn't working right either..I thought it was because the bottle wasn't good..well got the new bottle and the unit still wasn't right..I called them and they mailed me a brand new one. I really missed it for the week or so I didn't have it.

I will check back and see if you get one. Here is the target link.. ( maybe you can also use gift cards if you have any)

good seeing you!!

Here is a link that might be useful: lotus at target

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Hi Ree -
Just wanted to thank you for all of your posting on the Lotus on this and the other thread. I had been contemplating getting a Lotus for the last few years (I'd often forget about it) and then was convinced to get one after hearing how well it worked for you and others on the board.

Of course, like others on here, my first unit worked perfect for two weeks then went caput - had to take it back and get another one. I'm worried this unit will do the same thing. BUT, the few days I was without it I was amazed how much I missed using it. After only two weeks of having it, I found I couldn't live without it.

I was skeptical about some of the cleaning claims people had made on the Forum (and the Tersano forum), but have found that this thing really does tackle about 90 percent of my cleaning needs. My bathroom surfaces are always sparkling and gleaming when I'm done spraying and wiping them down. Glass turns out much better for me than using regular spray cleaners! I haven't had luck with the Lotus taking out stains in clothing or heavy grease build-up like some people have found, but the way it works on most dirt is amazing. Sorry, don't mean to sound like an infomercial, it was just pretty cool to see once I finally stopped trying to prove that it doesn't work.

Just a question for folks using the Lotus water in their carpet machines -- when you charge a bowl of water, are you using the bowl setting or the spray bottle setting to charge the water? I'd like to try using the Lotus water in the carpet machine this weekend. Any help would be great! Thanks!

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Well, I've had this system for over 2 years. I never used it much because I always wondered if it really worked. I tried researching this item, but the best I would get is that this TYPE of system works. They couldn't tell me if this particular manufacturer was legit. I called the actually company because I mix an IV solution (intravenous) at home for my son every other week. I wanted to sterilize the area before I mixed. The company said that it would be fine. I did it twice then went back to alcohol because I just wasn't convinced.
I got this idea to test the system myself. I went to Fry's, they have a kids petri dish experiment kit. It comes with 3 sterile dishes and a nutrient solution for each one that will gel in the dish. I took 3 sterile cotton swabs and swiped my dogs mouth. I then put each swab in each nutrient solution. Swirled them around and put them in their dishes. Then I made one my control. I didn't add anything to this. The 2nd one I sprayed the lotus water system "super oxygenated" water in the dish. The 3rd one I sprayed a cleaning disinfectant I had in the house. The gross bacteria or what ever it is grew in the control and the lotus petri dishes. The 3rd dish had nothing. I took pictures of them. Then I returned the machine to Costco. They are great and took it back, no questions. I even told them I would show them the dishes. They didn't care to see them. Anyway. This product does not work, and I am very irritated that the rep told me I could use this instead of alcohol.
I am trying to post this everywhere I can so people don't get this product.

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I'm sorry to hear of the results of your test. I would, however, point out (and no, I don't work for the company) that the Lotus is approved as a sanitizer by the EPA, FDA and USDA. Companies who claim disinfectant status must go through an approval process by the EPA, who goes through an extensive testing process. I am surprised that the company would tell you that the product is for use in a medical environment. The Lotus is not approved for healthcare settings -- only as a household and produce sanitizer (not a total disinfectant or sterilizer). The parent company's president (Tersano) routinely strays away from making healthcare claims on the company blog.

What you're testing also comes into play. While there may be germs in your dog's mouth, those germs aren't necessarily the types of bacteria/viruses/mold that the EPA tests for. They routinely look for products to work on things like Salmonella, ecoli, and listeria. Since you're interested in reducing the germs on your son (or the IV bottle?), I would say you're smart to go back to a traditional alcohol solution (or whatever your doctor recommends).

I have been using the Lotus primarily for cleaning, not disinfecting. I have had a few problems with several units and am on my fourth unit now. So far (knock on wood) it seems to be working again. I think it works very well for routine cleaning.

Just my two cents.

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Maybe cbgtennis thought the Lotus would work for disinfecting the area around the IV system because of this Lotus press release:

Proven Safe, Effective
Oxyshield® technology draws from techniques widely used by progressive hospitals worldwide to clean and sanitize surgical instruments. Ozone is a safe and natural sanitizer that is harmless to healthy cells. The ozone-laden water produced by the lotus® Sanitizing System has been proven highly effective as an all-purpose sanitizer for surfaces and other items; it also neutralizes 99.9% of bacteria and reduces pesticides on foods.

Or this one, also on the Lotus website:

ONTARIO, CANADA (DATE) Â Tersano, a company dedicated to changing the way we think about cleaning chemicals, today announced that it has donated several units of its flagship product, the lotus Sanitizing System, to be utilized in two medical facilities in the West African country The Republic of Ghana. The units, which are valued at over $2,000 and will allow the health facilities to sanitize medical instruments and environments, will be delivered and implemented by a group of Windsor doctors working in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Windsor.

"We are honored and pleased to be working with the Rotary Club on such a worthy endeavor," said Steve Hengsperger, President of Tersano. "It will be a very helpful addition to the Ghana facilities, which already have clean water and generators to run the units. The lotus Systems will now allow them to sanitize their surgical equipment, which will be a big improvement to the practices they have relied on in the past."

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to press release

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This lotus system sounds like it would be great. I have to sleep with a c-pap every night and every morning I have to sanitize the mask. If I had a lotus system I think it would work great for that. I went to amazon but I can't afford one right now. I'll have to check back often to see if the price has come down. Has anyone ever used it to sanitize a c-pap mask?

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mazsdps, before you buy, you might want to scroll up and read the post by cbgtennis - it is the post with the date/time of Thu, Aug 13, 09 at 1:38.

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These kinds of experiments fascinate me, so I wanted to see what kinds of results I could get using the Lotus and traditional bleach water. I borrowed one our housekeeping department's ATP readers at work to do a non-scientific test of my own. ATP readers measure Adenosine Triphosphate - a molecule found in animal, plant, bacterial, yeast and mold cells. They're a pretty cool tool to check for cleaning but expensive as heck.

Anyway, I marked off sections on a conference room table that had been used pretty extensively for the past two days. There were bits of food, fingerprints, smudges, etc. on it.

I took a reading on both sections of the table that I had marked off. One side measured 6,322 and the other 6,486.

I covered up one side and sprayed the Lotus water on the area and let it sit for 10 minutes (dwell time for most disinfectants). The other side I sprayed with a solution of household Clorox and a squirt of dishwashing liquid. After 10 minutes on both sections, I took a fresh towel to each side and wiped them clean and dry.

Taking another reading, the Lotus side measured a 3 and the bleach side measured a 2. So, pretty similar results. I have been using the Lotus primarily for cleaning, not disinfecting so I was curious what kind of "real world" results I could get.

I realize this isn't scientific but I was just curious how the two would do. If I can borrow the ATP meter again, I would love to see how well some of the "disinfecting wipes" do. Since school is starting back up in a few weeks, I'm always anal retentive about wiping down my desk and common areas since there are always a lot of sick students in and out. I usually use Clorox wipes but have always wondered how good of a job they do killing germs. If I can borrow the meter again, I'll conduct a similar experiment and pass the results along.

Does anyone know where you can get the petrie dishes that cbgtennis referenced? We don't have a Fry's here in Colo. -- just wondered if anyone else has seen them around. I'd love to pit some of my favorite cleaners against each other and see what's lurking in my house and at work!

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