Guest bath renovation - questions

onedog3catsMarch 22, 2013

We are in the process of renovating our guest bathroom. Currently at the demo phase. We will reuse our existing 2-sink vanity and counters (only 2 years old). We are replacing the flooring, tub, toilet and lighting.

The current layout has the toilet/tub separate from the vanities. We are considering removing the wall/door that separates these areas to allow more natural light from the window in the tub and to make it feel more open.

DH thinks it might be an issue for future owners who may have children who would share this bathroom. He thinks we should leave the layout as is. That way one person could be showering/using toilet while another can be getting ready at the vanities.

Most of our friends and other homes we have visited usually only have one sink, tub and toilet all in the same room of their guest bath/kids bath. And they seem to get by just fine with that setup.

All along we had planned on keeping the layout as-is, but now that we've started the demo, I really want to get rid of the wall/door ;) We would have to relocate the electric in that wall. The switch would be easy to relocate, but I don't really want to give up an outlet. We could add another elsewhere though.

I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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Assuming that you also have a door between the vanity area and the rest of the house, I wouldn't eliminate the interior bathroom door. I don't think I would give up (future, perhaps) flexibility and functionality for more natural light in the vanity area. If there is just one person in the room, the door between the areas would likely be open and since the window size and placement allows it to be seen from the vanity area, I personally would feel fine with it.

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leave the doorway, but remove the trim, and make it an arched doorway.

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Thanks for the replies. After more discussion this evening, I think we are going to leave it as is. There really isn't a good place for another outlet. Plus, the side of the cabinet is unfinished and we'd have to modify the countertop a bit. I do like the idea of an arched doorway. Thanks!!

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Another thought, could you put a door with some glass panels, in the place of the solid door, to allow light in? I don't know if the glass would have to be safety glass or not.

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I thought about that too. I wish there was enough room for a pocket door, but there isn't. I just hate the swinging door because that room is so small. We will probably leave the door off and then reinstall when/if we ever move. I'll save moving walls and opening up the space when we do our master in a couple of years ;)

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our layout is similar and we have a pocket door. Is it possible to install a barn-type door on the tub side doorway, the type with exterior hardware not inside the wall like a pocket?

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Thanks for the suggestion! I love the look of the barn-type door. We are considering one for our master remodel.

The bathroom door is 28" and the wall is only 25", so I don't think either would work. Unless a barn type could be stacked somehow?? Hmmm. Not sure about that. We'd have to move the electric to the other wall, but no biggie since walls are open. I'll have to do some research and see if any such thing exists. We have a pretty handy carpenter, so maybe he can come up with something.

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Just switch to a 26 or 24" door and do the barn door.
If the door swings into that little toilet area, it is a hazard door anyway. Having a pocket door or barn door is much safer.

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Great idea kirkhall! Changing the door size never occurred to me! Thank you!

The current door does swing into the toilet area. I've always hated it. I usually just keep it open and close the main bathroom door when I use this bathroom. Thanks for pointing out that it is a safety issue...I always just considered it a pain in the butt!

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Although you seem to have decided to keep the door - we are in the opposite situation. We don't have a door (same bath layout), and plan to add one. We have two children, and they are always having to wait for the other to even use the vanity. It will be much more functional with a door.

Just my two cents, and a bit of encouragement!
I like the glass idea, and maybe even a barn-door.

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Thanks kib96! I appreciate your input. The more I thought about it, it makes sense to have the door. We are leaning toward the barn door type install. I didn't think DH would go for it, but he seems on board. His concerns are sound issues and locking the door. I did find a lock that would work, and I'm not too concerned about sounds since it is an interior room off the upstairs guest bathroom. I'm really excited about it! I love the idea of having a glass paneled door, not sure if DH will go for that though ;)

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I agree with someone here. Glass panels are the right choice for this. It will look nice and attractive and light can also enter through this.

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But don't glass doors defeat the purpose, i.e. privacy while two people are using the bathroom?

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Frosted glass would work I think.

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