Where can I find a sink like this?

kfhlMarch 4, 2012

Any suggestions about where I might find a sink like this? I live in SW Florida so there is little chance of finding a vintage sink in my area - not many old farmhouses around :).

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If you look for industrial/janitorial sinks, you may find it new.

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Kohler has a bunch and I think American Standard does too. Check under utility sinks too.

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thanks - I will check under utility sinks. I didn't think to do that.

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Craigslist. Worth a shot.

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Here, but they're not cheap.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old sinks

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Second deedles Craigslist suggestion. Also if there's one in the area an architectural salvage yard or local Habitat for Humanity ReStore would be worth a look.

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Thanks for all of the suggestions!
I saw some similar things on craigslist, but nothing that will work for me yet- I will keep looking. We have a very nice architectural salvage place and I will keep looking there, too, but they are super pricey. It is hard to find vintage type things here because most of the construction is pretty new. We consider 1940's to be a really old house in SW FL :) Most are from the 70's and later.

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