Hydro Systems Sydney Tub in shower alcove?

DreamweaverMAMMarch 2, 2012

We've been trying to make a decision about which bathtub to choose.

We want a 60" x 32" tub for an tub/shower alcove, so I'd prefer an integral tile flange. I always seem drawn to squarish-looking design elements. Not surprisingly I really love the look of rectangular tubs. This tub will be in our hall bathroom which is mainly used by guests--probably mostly for showers. However, if it was a nice, deep tub I'd probably use it for baths on occasion. We're replacing a Kohler Villager in this bathroom and we have another Kohler Villager tub/shower alcove in our master bath.

We had considered the Kohler Expanse, but upon closer examination it would probably cause issues because the extra width would mean the plumbing would get in the way of the floor joists.

We had considered the Kohler Archer until I realized how narrow it is. It seems that maybe it would feel claustrophobic for showering.

Now we're leaning toward the Hydro Systems Sydney. It's more money than the other options, but it seems like a nice quality, deep soaking tub. Which leads to my questions.

Is the Sydney too deep to be a good option for a tub/shower alcove? If you have this tub in an alcove and use it for showering, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

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Does anyone have the Sydney tub? I'd like to hear how you like it. Is it comfortable? Roomy? Too tall for stepping in?

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I have the Sydney tub and while it is deep it doesn't present any issues for my children(ages 3,6,9 & 13)I thought the little one would have trouble and was needlessly nervous about that - my kids all LOVE the added depth and really enjoy bath time. I do wish I would have had the extra space to get a 72" tub but it wasn't an option - that's the only improvement I would like.

The biggest issue I have is when it's time to pull them out!

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I looked at the Sydney, but I like the interior fit of the Lacey to me better. I think you can get them both in 32". One might be taller than the other. I wouldn't obsess over a deep bath unless you're sure that you'd fill it that much and that your hot water heater can accommodate that size. If you have the appropriate sized water heater and can accommodate at 36" wide tub, I would shoot for that so that you have a good size of shoulder room with the doors/curtain since it's an alcove.

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