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mtimmerMarch 13, 2014

We bought a new (to us) home and are about to undergo a pretty extensive remodel including the kitchen. It seems the most appropriate thing to do is to donate the existing appliances: 30" gas range, OTR microwave and dishwasher. Is this something that is commonly done? If so, who do you think would be the best place to donate? FWIW, I am in Southern California.

BTW, I'm guessing the appliances are all 20+ years old and although we've never used them they did pass our home inspection and I would think that someone could sure use them.

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We couldn't give ours away (San Francisco). No one would take appliances that were more than 5 years old. We did give the refrigerator to one of the contractor's guys.

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It is commonly done. Where I live in AZ, there are several outfits that will pick them up and take them away gladly. Even give you an itemized receipt. Google is your is the telephone.

I've known several people with stronger backs than I have move them to the end of their driveway with a sign saying "Free. Works fine." They've always disappeared quickly. Same with old working stereos and TV's that even the pawn shops won't take.

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Around here there are charities that come around with a truck and pick up items for resale in charity shops. You can check with Habitat for Humanity since they often resell things they can't directly use in their ReStores. However, I am not sure if charities will want appliances that old since energy efficiency has improved quite a bit over time.

When my mom had older appliances to get rid of we advertised them on the free part of Craigslist and all were picked up by folks who needed working appliances but couldn't afford new. (After 5 responses I removed listings and told folks by email where they were in line for the items, and that they would only hear from me again if the folks before them in line didn't show up to pick things up.) It was pretty easy and a whole lot better that just adding them to the trash.

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Sounds like the age of the appliances may be a problem. I think I'll try the free listing on Craig's List when the time comes. Just hoping someone can get some value out of them.

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Our local Habitat for Humanity removed all our 26 year old appliances (they still worked) and the kitchen cabinets.

They told me that people gladly buy this stuff in their local ReStore. They even sent us a tax donation letter for our income taxes.

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Our local Habitat store won't take appliances that are more than 5 years old. So I guess the answer is to call around.

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Free on Craigslist has worked for a lot of things for me (including old mattresses I was sure no one would want, especially with the resurgence of bed bugs--not that my mattresses had them, just that I would be suspicious if I were looking at used mattresses).

I have also had the guys who came to install new appliances ask if they could keep my old ones. I assume they fix them and sell them.

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Habitat refused my 1991 range, but Saint Vincent de Paul is coming to pick it up, and the hood, too. SVDP gives the donations directly to local people in need, while Habitat re-sells and so won't take stuff that their local shoppers aren't interested in. At least that's how it works in my town. So you might try SVDP!

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Habitat took our 30+ year old stuff, and I've seen appliances from the 1960s there before. It just depends... otherwise Craigslist will do.

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Almost all churches have a list of needs, many churches join together. Nearly all my working units have found a new home via this route. They have always picked up the unit and many times given me a small sum.

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