Argh. New Bosch dishwasher- food trapped in spray arms!

staceyneilMarch 1, 2010

Has anyone had this problem? What do we do?

new Bosch dishwasher stopped cleaning very well. Upon close inspection we saw that the holes in the spray arms were clogged with food. Somehow a few sunflower seeds and other food had gotten INSIDE the spray arms and clogged the holes.

We can get the spray arms off, but we cannot open them up. Thus trying to remove the food is nearly impossible... fill with water, shake around, try to get it to come out the larger hole where it attaches.... not very easy to do!

We scrape plates like normal people. How did this happen and what can we do about it? It is EXTREMELY frustrating for such a pricey machine :(

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In a euro DW without disposer (whatever brand, included Electrolux EU and Whirlpool EU) the only way a sunflower seed has to reach a spray arm is a gap/clearance due to a wrong reassembly after cleaning the filter.

To remove
- lower arm : just pull it upward
- upper arm : unscrew the "knob" under it

To clean the arm use a needle to push inside the seed, then move the arm so that the seed will exit from the centerpost

This applies to a euro made Bosch. As you didn't provide any info about your actual model ......

Here is a link that might be useful: ....... you've better to check here

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Bad link, dude. This looks like a dealer link requiring a login and password. Do you have a link to a page that doesn't require authentication?

As far as getting crap out of the arm, use a toothpick or something to poke the seeds loose and then shake them up and down, working the debris towards the center where the big hole is. Shouldn't be too hard.

As far as sunflower seeds, do you have anybody in your family that eats them? If not, it might be something left over from when the DW was in the store (was it a demo) or the factory? Other than that, blame it on your kids! That always worked for my old man.

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Thanks- I think you're correct. My DH cleaned the filter recently and he didn't screw it all the way in. That must be how they got there.

Getting them out hasn't been that easy. Tried twice now and keep missing some, I guess. Let's hope the third time's the charm.

all in all, other than how quiet this Bosch is, we haven't been too impressed with it. Items in the top rack load very poorly (fall over) and stuff really doesn't get very clean at all. (And, yes, we're using the proper rinse agent and liquid detergent...)

It's a SHE43 model.

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Try using powdered detergent - most manufactures recommend that - I use Cascade Complete.

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Use the small tablets with the red ball along with rinse agent.

Make sure you read your manual. You may be on the low temp drying mode. Some have a 1 or 2 setting.

Yes, the racks are PATHETIC, both bottom and top. Yes, all the items rolls over and fall out of place. And the bottom rack tines fall over (the system to hold them vertical does not work well).

Awful machines. I would stick to the run of the mill machines at 1/3 the cost.

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I have been having the same problem --dishwasher worked great for a year, then suddenly dishes have emerged with caked food all over. We did refill the rinse agent, which in the past as solved the problem, but this time it persisted. I followed someone's instructions to check the arms and low and behold, bits of rice, etc, stuck in most of the upper arm spray holes! So how to remove... My method: trying to remove the food just forces it into the arms, which you can't open. So I took off the arm, rinsed as best as i could and then blocked those little holes with my fingers and ran water in from the center hole. Voila, all of the chunks of food float up and out.

I agree they designed the racks poorly, but I love how quiet the dishwasher is and how it generally gets the dishes sparkling clean. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to a friend.

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