Mojavean's Guide to Posting Pics on GW

mojaveanMarch 22, 2012

Hello there, technically-challenged Gardenweb reader! So you want to post some pictures in your favorite Gardenweb forum but you don't know how? Well fret not! Just follow this simple, 5-step guide.

Step 1: Open up a Photobucket account.

Go to and sign up for a free picture hosting account.

Note: you can use any picture hosting or sharing service, not just photobucket -- flickr and image shack are some alternatives -- however, this guide is going to use screen shots from Photobucket. Soooo, if you need specific how-to help, don't argue: do what I say and open a account, chop chop!

Step 2: Take some pictures!

Always remember to take pictures of very interesting subjects! Here are some examples:

People smelling other people's armpits!

Patti Smith cross dressing.

Pretty much any picture of Scarlett Johansson

Step 3: Upload the pictures you took.

This formerly difficult process has now been made very easy for even the most stupid of computer users! There are a couple of ways to get your pictures over to Photobucket and we will go over both methods in this guide.

Use the Photobucket App:

Picture of iphone Photobucket app.

The first method applies if you use an iPhone or Android to take pictures. If so, then just download the free photobucket app from the App Store or Android Marketplace. Once you have it installed, start it up and login to your photobucket account from right in the app. Then just hit the upload button. Your phone will automatically send the pictures straight to

Or Use Your Computer:

This method uses your computer to send the pictures to You will need to first download the pictures from your camera to a folder/directory on your computer. There are many ways to do this. Some camera manufacturers supply special software designed to move pictures from your camera onto your hard drive. Others require you to plug your phone into your computer using a USB cable to copy the pics. OR, you may need to remove an SD or Compact Flash card from your camera and place it in your computer to access the pictures.

In any case, you are on your own for this part of the process. Some way, some how, using your own God-given common sense and intrepid determination, get those great pictures onto your computer, Okay?

Determined computer user attempting to move pictures through force of will.

Oh, one more thing: remember what folder you put them in!

Once you have the pictures safely stored on the hard drive of your computer, use the Green upload button on the Photobucket web page to send copies to Photobucket. When you hit the green button,

a dialog window will open asking you to select the picture files you want sent across. Select the pictures and hit upload.

Mac and Windows computers will present different dialog windows. No matter. Just remember where you stored the pics in the first place, navigate to them using the common dialog and select them.

Note: You can select multiple files by using the command key on the mac or the CTRL key on a PC.

Step 4: Copy the Code for the picture.

The pictures will upload to Photobucket and they will go into your default album. You can create and move between multiple "albums" on the site which allow you to group your pictures together in any way you chose. For this example, I have created an album called "How to post to Gardenweb" and placed all of the pictures I want there.

Once the upload is complete, thumbnail views of the pics will show up in an array on the page.

To Individually select a picture, mouse over it, and click the "HTML" code box as seen below.

When you click the text box the code is automatically copied to your clipboard.

You may also select all, or any combination of the pictures in the album if you want to post a series of pics. Use the "Generate Link Codes for Selected" item from the "actions" link.

Use this dialog to get the code for multiple pictures

Step 5: Paste the code into your post on Gardenweb.

It will look like gibberish, as shown in the pic below:

Yeah, it looks pretty crazy!

But when you hit preview, or post, the picture will actually show up in your post, wherever you pasted that code.

Just like this.

Okay, lets review. The steps are:

1.Join Photobucket (if you haven't already).

2. Snap a pic.

3.Upload it to photobucket.

4. Copy the HTML Code

5. Paste the HTML Code into your Gardenweb Post

Follow these simple steps and you will be posting pictures on Gardenweb in no time.

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It's still sometimes amazing to me that someone may post a question, I snap a pic or three of my specimen of the machine of topic and 15 mins later (after a bit of photo editing and text composition) the pics are up in a reply.

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Mojavean, you deserve a hug today!

(This from a long time Photobucket-to-GW picture poster and reader of countless instructions on the GW of how to post photos here) :-)

    Bookmark   March 22, 2012 at 10:36PM
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Haha! Perfect for me! Going to try your instructions now. Thanks.

    Bookmark   March 23, 2012 at 5:08PM
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Yeah, but where do you get pictures as good as the Mojave's?

    Bookmark   March 23, 2012 at 9:39PM
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I always try to steal from the very best photographers.

    Bookmark   March 24, 2012 at 9:48AM
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Nice job!!!
Great pics and screen shots

    Bookmark   March 24, 2012 at 11:54AM
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Well done! I remember spending hours trying to post my kitchen plans. You are now saved to my favourites so my next photo post should be a breeze!

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Hi Mojavean and all -- sometimes it is the .pdf -> .jpg problem that has to be overcome. I'm pretty sure photobucket wants .jpgs, right?

If so, and you've got your images in your computer as a .pdf, you'll need to convert the photo first. On a Mac I use (per plllog -- thanks!) Preview. Open the .pdf in Preview, go to 'save as' and you'll see options for saving there in various formats, including .jpg

(If I've got this backwards, the process is still the same. I can never remember which is which...sorry!)

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FYI, BlackBerry's have a free Photobucket app available in App World as well.
And from within the app you can get the html or [img] codes for any image you've posted. .

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chas, you are indeed my hero

    Bookmark   March 27, 2012 at 7:45PM
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Mojavean, I thought that yours was a wonderful post. While I have been prowling around gardenweb, I have found a few folks who would particularly appreciate your hard work and humor and have directed them to this thread.

for any who might be confused by the last post: docmoo was one who was in dire need:
"Is there anyone with the patience of Job that could help me to learn how to transfer my digital pictures into these forum discussions? ..... I can follow a recipe if someone could write it out for me. Is my hero out there?"

docmoo thanked me in the original thread, and also put the thanks above. Perhaps docmoo thought that you and I were the same person with different names. I wish I was as cleaver but will just have to be happy having directed a lost soul to the light.

    Bookmark   March 28, 2012 at 9:06AM
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Chas -- also send people by way of the FAQ thread on page 1 of the kitchen forum, maintained, heroically, by buehl. Here it is.

There are several very helpful threads contained in this FAQ post, including a less humorous, but possibly more complete and straight-forward (sorry Mojave - no offense intended!) explanation of same.

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Chaso45, thank you for your generous words. I am happy if this post has helped anyone. We have had several posters forced to rely upon their more technically competent children to post pictures for them. This invariably causes delays because its not as if the little ingrates could interrupt their busy day to help their poor Mother who worked and slaved and sacrificed to give them every opportunity in the world and now it *kills* them to even pick up a telephone and call??

We must be able to show them that we are not helpless, after all, and that they better think twice before getting too cocky, particularly if they are living in our basement. Being able to post our own snapshots on GW without their help is a first step in the right direction! ;-)

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alaris19, I just spent at least 5 minutes plowing thru that intro and the only mention I found for photo loading was in the title. I'm not saying it wasn't there but it didn't appear obvious.

Just today I was in Costco looking for the cases of chicken broth in those new retangular cardboard containers and getting annoyed that they only seemed to have the old cans of broth. The cartons were literally sitting directly to the left of the cans and I was only looking to the right and down the isle for a minute. Any-Way, movavean's post is all right there, uh here, and easy to find right now.

And you are right that having an intro in a top post or something, is very useful because I would normally forget where I saw a post and not be able to recover it for my own or other's use.

And movavean; thanks to you I got to be a hero for a day.

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Hey Chas -- I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to frustrate you! And had you found buehl's link to posting photos it wouldn't have been anywhere near as diverting as Mojavean's.

Buehl's wonderful quickstart guide has a different purpose, different audience. I think visitors to the kitchen forum have a whole other psychological and planning layer to come to grips with that isn't present in this simpler, appliance-review type setting. So her FAQs take the form of several files. The one regarding photos is the fourth down, I think, in the "responses", which are really all separate links to separate issues or files of importance.

    Bookmark   March 29, 2012 at 3:18AM
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aliris19,I learned how to post photos from a fairly simple set of instructions and agree that they are often an appropriate approach.
But, now I am even more lost. For future reference, I thought I would go to Kitchens directly to find the 4th down link inside where ever you said, and I can't even find a FAQ section or anything else that would suggest an intro. So I can't even get started to find anything of an intro whether about photos or anything else.

    Bookmark   March 29, 2012 at 8:55AM
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? Oh dear, Chas. I'm sorry. Are the links I'm putting in not working? when the type is underlined and blue (at least in my software) in the middle of the text I write, that's a hyperlink. Click on it and you should go straight to the referenced posting.

OK, let me try to be clear. The file that buehl maintains in kitchens is something of a group effort. She renews it when the thread is up and keeps it cleaned up and modern-ish in its references. She selects threads, often written by others, regarding general topics of importance when starting out with a kitchen renovation (at least this is my understanding; major apologies if I have some/any of this wrong). When I say "file" I should really say "thread" I think. There is a thread there entitled, currently (click on this): "New To Kitchens? Posting Pics? Read Me! [Help keep on Page 1]"

Because GardenWeb's software is, as one far more knowledgeable about this stuff than I, says, "dinosaurean", there is no formal place for FAQs. So people/buehl on the kitchen forum (KF) have assembled their own here and there. Since there's no way to place a "sticky" thread, buehl updates this thread with links to files of interest on general "housekeeping" topics. The remainder of the thread is devoted to folks bumping the stupid thing up, frequently, to stay on page 1 where it has some hope of being found by newcomers!

Before I lose you, let me draw your attention to the small type to the right of what you're reading here; it's green on my screen. One of those hyperlinks allows you to save a posting (and no, not a whole thread, maddeningly) to a space in your account for future reference. Note that you have to first click to put it there and then click to actually save it (grrrr); follow directions! So when you find someone's explanation you like about something, you have recourse to hold on to it (unless you like more than 50 such comments).

BTW, I found buehl's thread on page 3 just now. The KF has a lot more traffic than this one and threads sink like lead.

I'll repeat the hyperlink I had before. If you click on this is should bring you straight to buehl's photo-posting notes. This is just for reference, you can't possibly be needing them at this point! But it may still be helpful for you to figure this out in general, and buehl's thread in specific. Here's buehl's thread on posting pictures. It's the fourth follow-up posting entitled "Posting Pictures". If you like it (or Mojavean's), save it to your page!


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Well aliris; thanks for hanging in there. I'm sorry, I could have saved you Some typing. It did cross my mind that you might think that I didn't know how to click on links or that my computer was acting up, but I do and it isn't. I did read the linked photo post, but I didn't then, and unfortunately even Now don't have any idea where it actually resides on the Supposed to be on page one Info post. When I go directly to buehl's thread, I can find a place to see finished kitchens and innumerable links to undescribed threads and that's about it.

Any way, I doubt that anyone else who got down here cares about the Kitchen Intro. I don't usually have problems with intro links, and I think we can just assume that I must have an odd mind set that sends me off in the wrong direction on that particular thread.

However, if this is of interest to you, I know that garden web forums can have FAQ sections. I Know that the Pond forum has one.

Thank you for the point about the green stuff on the right. It sure isn't obvious. I had forgotten about that and I guess I will grab movavean's and your link for future reference.

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OK Chas - you're throwing down the gauntlet.

I don't really understand the problem: are you scrolling down? The links are in *subsequent "followup posts". Look at the headings of each; they're different. And in each followup post is a link or information regarding a different topic.

Interesting about the FAQ sections. I don't really know much about this, just what I've read from the KF folks, some of whom are real computer gurus. Word is there they can't, but have been trying for years, to institute a FAQs section. Don't know though.

If you want me to try to help further with this, offlist might be best!

    Bookmark   March 30, 2012 at 2:57AM
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aliris19, how nice to see you again. No I don't have anything I HAVE to do either.

As it turns out, I had understood you completely, but hadn't believed that anyone would set up links without headings. I just scanned the entire thread including your cute bump, and movavean's warning bump about running out of room. I also did find the photo link, inside one of those untitled links. I also see that I was exagurated in stating that all the links were untitled. In fact only a third were.

Anyway, thanks again on info. about saving links. I had just thought that I might be missing something else and I guess that I wasn't.

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Chas - The name of the link is in the SUBJECT of those follow-up posts. I didn't notice it at first either. In either case, over the years I've seen many posts where people teach others how to post pictures. A new thread here and there can't hurt.

Aliris, has anyone asked Tamara to add a FAQ section? Some forums here have them, at minimum this one and Cooking. But in general they're a very stagnant, unused area of the site.

    Bookmark   March 30, 2012 at 12:24PM
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Food -- dunno. There was some discussion about FAQs and how the software on this site bites some while back - this was a discussion in the kitchen forum I had no part in; I don't know anything about it! But there are several old-timers who do and pay attention to these things ... I'm not one of em!

    Bookmark   March 31, 2012 at 2:03AM
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It pains me deeply to announce that there is simply no hope of preserving this thread through the practice of "bumping" it. It's descent into the musty crawlspace of GW history is as inevitable as time itself. Gardenweb, alas, only allows threads -- even the most extraordinary ones -- to accrue a total of 149 replies. When that absolute limit is reached, all threads are forever sealed, never to garner a wry comment or provocative question again; no amount of bumping will usher it past the Cerebusian jaws of GW software.

So, then, it is up to us to decide whether a worthy thread should pass away in dignity with some discernable relevance and readability, or whether instead it will face its doom with a ridiculous prehensile tail of "bumps" appended to its backside in an earnest but misguided play at "Pin the Tail on the Donkey."

As the original author, I would ask nothing of you but to keep this post in your hearts (and your "clippings") if you please, and should some future Gardenwebarian mention how they would just love to post some juicy pics but they don't know how, all it will take is a link to the post pasted into your reply to bring the information back to life for that new member or inexperienced picture poster. Also, if we leave some free space in the thread, if new information becomes available or the screens/methods change markedly, then we can all jump in with the new information and back will be our thread, fresh as a daisy once more.

By the way, I do not ask anyone to restrain their legitimate conversation -- or even odd saccharine exchanges more reminiscent of leadups to 18th century duels. for that matter -- only just bag the bumps if you please!
My heartfelt thanks will be yours forever.
The Proprietor

    Bookmark   April 2, 2012 at 11:51PM
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