treated myself to some retail therapy

PurplemoonMarch 20, 2011

Online again, of course. Late night browsing as usual.

Just a mix of things caught my attention it seems.

A gal on Etsy takes the clear ornament balls and turns them into the cutest holiday ornaments. Her Snowmen and Santas are adorable. Her shop is TownsendCustomGifts if you want to see her stuff. I sure enjoyed looking at what she makes and getting IDEAS. However since I'm the Queen of Procrastination, I took the easy way and bought this little guy...

I found this red glass cardinal and 'needed' him for my cardinal collection.

Sweet teacup with violets and a vintage handkerchief. Another handcrafted Etsy purchase. I just fell in love with this! Everything is glued on, and the gal packed it with such care it was guaranteed to arrive safely.

And being a bit on the emotional side lately, I treated myself to this plate about family. It'll go in my Dad's room that I'm transforming into a serene sitting room for me. (I go in there and watch some TV with his little dog.)It says "Cherish your family for they are your treasure.

A storehouse of riches...wealth beyond measure". There's even a cat sleeping on the porch. ;o)

I hope to start getting out to do some real life shopping again soon.

hugs, Karen

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Oh, what a variety you found online! Your "sitting room" sounds like a wonderful place & I'm sure Zorro (?) is more comfy with you joining him for t.v. :-) & a really pretty plate you the saying.

That bunnie ornie is the cutest! And that teacup looks like someone knew you & made it for you! Sweet! & gotta luv cardinals! Great finds, PM! TFS Jeanne S.

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Karen..I think you have the Best Therapy Sessions around!!
What better way to spend an 'Up All Night' evening, than doing some serious shopping!
You found some very sweet things too. I love etsy and do lots of browsing there too.
What a creative gal making ornaments from clear glass balls. Cute bunny, and I love the little bunny nestled on top of his head!
The cardinal is a nice addition to your collection and I think the tea cup with the little bear is so sweet.
I'm always amazed over the creative ideas people come up with from simple things - makes you think..'why didn't I think of that' !
The best find of all, is that precious Plate with the pretty details including the little cat! The saying is so beautiful and so true. Putting it in your Dad's room, I think will be very comforting. Glad you've been enjoying TV with his little dog in there. It's good for both of you.

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Karen, What wonderful finds. Love the bunny, and the cardinal is super. The tea cup is adorable and that plate brought tears to my eyes. I'm sure using your Dad's room as a sitting room is comforting you and Zorro.

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Karen, you got some wonderful things. They are all adorable. I love them all.

It is good that you are transforming your Dad's room into your sitting room. I had to do that when my Mother passed.

I moved in with Mom for her last 8 years and I bought her house after she was gone. It was very hard but when I changed things for me, it got easier. I will always miss her. I hope making your sitting room will help you. - Marylee

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Karen, I love seeing what you find while shopping and browsing online. The bunny ornament is so cute and makes me want to try making one of these myself. Your red glass cardinal will look awesome sitting with some of your decorations. How tall is it? I can picture it with some red glass candle sticks all year around.

The tea cup is wonderful with the violets, pearls, vintage hanky, greenery and bear with purple bow. You inspired me to make a topiary about this time last year! I have DF's birthday coming up soon so maybe this will motivate me to make her another tea cup gift. Again thanks for all the help with that project!

I can see why this beautiful plate touched you so much. Sounds like your DD's room will be the perfect place to go snuggle little Zorro and reminisce. I had to look close to find the kitty sleeping under the bench. The details on this plate is just lovely.

I have one wall in my painting room that is all about my parents. They help me accomplish projects beyond my abilities I believe.


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Glad you guys enjoyed my variety of goodies. I love browsing Etsy, some of those folks are so darn talented.
And half the time I'm smacking my head going "why didn't I think of that". Especially when I see teacup type decor!

Jas and Suz came over and painted Dad's room from blah (10 yrs old) lgt beige to a lovely pale sage green for me. The VA picked up the hospital bed and wheelchair. I sold the big old dresser and I found a fantastic chaise, and small chest of drawers, all on Craigslist. Love them! I've put my cherubs in there, framed photos of Mom and Dad, and some framed artwork I love on one wall.
I want to replace the old ceiling fan light with a pretty little chandelier and get a slim, tall curio cabinet for my cherub and little bird collections. (not my cardinals, the other birds I enjoy collecting). Of course Zorro's chair stays. LOL. But he loves the new chaise also. He wouldn't get on the hospital bed after Dad was gone, even if I lay on it to watch the little TV in there. He'd jump up for a few minutes petting is all. I swear, he's reverted back to puppyhood. LOL. He plays and plays. Wants me to throw his ball or a stuffed animal, over and over and over. I tell him he's 13 years, not 13 months! When Dad became bedridden last June, Z seemed content to just lay with him most of the time. And he rarely played. Now he loves to stay out in the yard, enjoys running around the house, and naps on his chair. Dad would be so glad to see how happy his little guy is as he really worried about Zorro.

I am SO relieved that room no longer LOOKS like a hospital room!! I feel such a sense of peace in there now. I've always wanted a sage green room, and its just as serene as I'd hoped it would be. (Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage is what I chose). I am thinking I might do some small holiday decorating in there too. Just a few touches. (I think one reason I couldn't get into St Pat's is Dad wasn't here to enjoy my decorating, and my Mr Oblivious could care less. So I had no spirit to do it this year. I HAVE to do Easter and get myself going again tho.)

hugs, Karen

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Karen, you found some really neat items as usual. Love the bunny ornament and the others that gal makes as well. Like Jane said, seeing the little tea cup makes me wonder why I don't think to do something like that--I certainly have enough tea cups on hand! Lovely saying on the plate, and it will look really nice in your newly painted room too.


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Karen, your room sounds GREAT! It will be so lovely to do some holiday decor in there & everything you've described so far sounds wonderful!

Smiling about your description of your DD's dog...he is an angel in disguise...bringing cheer both to you & to his Master. TFS your room. Jeanne S. & kudos to the kids' painting it!

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I agree with Jeanne on your room and Zorro. I love green walls and having your parents pictures will keep them close. Can only imagine what you'll be buying to fill it up.LOL It's so great to hear you sound excited for a change.

May you find time in between throwing the toy for Zorro and playing outside to do some Easter decor! We know you have beautiful things to share.


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Marlene Kindred

Retail therapy is ALWAYS good to cheer you up! Glad you found some treasures find the neatest things..the bunny ornament is too cute (and you love bunnies so much anyway), the cardinal is really pretty and the teacup and the plate look beautiful. I am SO happy that you are re-doing your room as a place of peace and solice for you. The color sounds very relaxing and inviting and I know it is beautiful! Glad to hear that Zorro is doing so well...isn't it something how they know when they need to be patient and quiet and when they know it's okay to play and be themselves again?

It's nice to know that you're moving forward day by day my friend!

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Karen...I'm so glad you got help on painting the room.
I'm in agreement with everyone on the color you chose - it's 'Mother Nature's Backdrop'.
It's so soothing and everything goes with it. You'll be able to decorate it with almost anything..
Wow..another room to fill with goodies and it sounds like you're well on your way. You know we'll be looking forward to seeing everything.
Sounds like you and Zorro have discovered a sweet new friendship in ea other too. My heart is smiling for you both.

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How pretty! Love the little cup!

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Can't wait to see pictures of your new sitting room.
The cup is darling, but the plate really catches my eye!!
Glad you found some new toys to play with, LOL.


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Candy, right now I would rather play with something besides besides Zorro's toys.

Jane, when my son and fantastic DDIL called the night before and said they were headed over to paint the next morning, I was so surprised. Suddenly in one day that room was transformed. WOW. With my Fibro issues, it would have taken me several days to do it!
Here's the color I chose (tho NOT my rooms pictured, LOL)

This is how Svelte Sage looks in lamplight

and this is how it looks in daylight

hugs, Karen

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What wonderful finds, that little bunny is adorable. I love the color that you chose for the sitting room. My bath is that color and it is so soothing. I've always wanted a chaise lounge, but a daybed is as close as I've gotten. I'm glad to hear little Zorro is feeling frisky, he is such a cutie.

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Karen, I love the color you chose for your sitting room. It is exactly what I wanted for my living room, but that's a whole other story. Can't wait to see pictures when it's all put together.

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Karen..painting is always such a drudge...and mix it with Fibro...uggg Lucky you for your 'painting crew' ! lol
I always want it done 'Yesterday'!..
Do Jason & your DDIL hire out?... I'll even send the
Holiday Bus to pick them up !! lol

We'll be looking forward to pic when your done.

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