Cleaning Vaporizer metal mesh filters.....

krissie55January 16, 2008

I have 2 Hunter cold water vaporizers Model 33222 that have metal mesh filters. Have been cleaning filters according to instructions, that is, soak in vinegar/water solution 20 minutes (I have soaked longer, even hours).

For some reason lime deposits WILL NOT BUDGE.

Have tried the following:

Strong vinegar/water solution long soak.

Limeway & toothbrush.

Boil in strong vinegar/water solution, soak, boil, soak.

Run vaporizer with 1/4 c. vinegar added to the water for a week.

Tried using a knife point to dislodge the deposits to no avail. Yeah, they get a little softer soaking but refuse to budge even with help.

Help!!! does anyone have the answer? Vaporizers are only about 6 weeks old.

Did not realize our water had that much lime, glasses, etc. do not show signs of it.


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The best solution I have found for cleaning my Hunter humidifier filter is to run it through the dishwasher with commercial dishwasher cleaner. I use the pots and pans cycle, bottom rack, vertical placement (without frame) and air dry. Another option is to use the dishwasher with two cups of vinegar placed in upright containers on the top rack.
I have also tried soaking the filter, minus frame, in an extra large ziploc bag filled with vinegar (flipping it over halfway through) but find the dishwasher does the job faster and better.
The filter had heavy buildup when I first tried to clean it and nothing I have tried is 100% at removing the limescale.

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