St Paddy's 'cheating'

PurplemoonMarch 10, 2012

Well, I'm still procrastinating about decorating. sigh. Can't you guys shame me into it, obviously all your inspiration isn't doing the job. Tho it should!!! I honestly had EVERY intention of decorating the first weekend in March and enjoying it a few I see there is just ONE week left and stuff is still packed. I sure do irritate myself a lot these days!! :o(

Since I skipped last year (because of losing Dad the month before), I looked back at my album to see what I'd done in 2010. I'm sure you've forgotten too, LOL. So I'm going to cheat and show a couple of things again. Just my mantel and the bathroom cloche.

2010 Mantel

and the cloche in the bathroom,

Also, here's the link to our St Paddy's Inspiration album in case you've not looked lately.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: St Paddy's Inspiration Album

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I know what you mean about not remembering what you've done in past years. Your mantel and the bathroom cloche sure looked nice.

I enjoyed the album too, don't think I've ever looked at the St. Patty's one and am honored that one of my tables is even in there!


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Karen, so glad you shared your last years decor. I loved seeing it again. You are so good at decorating cloches. The nutcracker is darling too. I hope to do more for Spring/Easter decor.

Luvs, it was great to see your beautiful St Pat's ts again too. I never remember either until I see it again.

Karen, again, thanks for all your hard work keeping the albums going. Your a doll for doing this.


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Karen, it was nice to see the rerun of your St, Patrick's Decorations.
I hope you feel up to decorating for Easter.
Right now my house is a combination of St. Patrick's and Easter decorations.
I have the St. Patrick's decorations in the TV room and Easter things scattered through out the rest of the house.
Thank you for showing the St. Patrick's album. I don't think I've looked at it before. It was fun to see what others have created.
I'm with Punk, Thank You for creating and keeping up these albums. It is such a thoughtful thing to do.

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Nana and Punk, I totally enjoy doing the albums for us. I sometimes feel a little 'pushy' reminding folks of them, but I know it can be easy to forget to go look. I try to add new pictures from the Web whenever I find any I think y'all would like to see.

Here's two more old photos of my decor...

The grapevine wreath is one I redecorated for numerous holidays. Good Grief, I didn't realize the pix were so large till I previewed them. Sorry about that.
hugs, Karen

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Oh boy, that was fun!!! (I just went thru the seeing St. Paddy's day afresh!)

My fave of your St.Paddy decor, PM, is your 'cloche!' You always do such beautiful cloches in the bath! This one is just waaa-y cute! Now I'm going to be on the lookout for cloche Leprechauns! And I also love, love how you decorate vine wreaths for many occasions! Love this one above!

Fun to see the decor from the past...I'm working on a t'scape, too ...but it's not green...ummmm. TFS, PM! Jeanne S.

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