I did do a little for St. Pat's

luvstocraftMarch 18, 2011

I didn't do allot for St. Pat's this year, but I did put out a few things on both the kitchen and dining room table and on the buffet. Wasn't going to share because I think the only thing new is the green candles! LOL Anyway here's a few pics. Our neighbor had eight of us over for dinner. Wonderful corned beef, cabbage, carrots, rutabagas and Irish soda bread. One neighbor brought some oatmeal/choc chip cookies and I took over some frosted choc/walnut brownies with little tags I cut out with my Cricut. We also told some jokes--thanks to the Internet--and had a nice time visiting. Luvs

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Oh luvs, that is such a cheerful buffet setting! I love it! I esp like your plate buffered up with the green cabbage looking plate behind it! Did you put the saying on the plate? It's wonderful! And your cloches look so pretty with the golds & greens & pretty ribbons! Sounds like a wonderful dinner! Good for you! TFS ... I need a smile tonight! Jeanne S.

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Luvs, that large apothecary jar is fabulous as is the entire buffet, but I love the big jar the best. Your leprechaun is very cute, and the blessings plate in front of the Bardallo(?) plate is very clever.
Remember, just because you have posted something before, not all of us have been around long enough to see it.
Also, due to my senior moments, I probably wouldn't remember it was the same even if I had seen it last year, LOL.

Wonderful job.

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I really like it. The leprechaun is very cute. I bet your dinner was wonderful...it sounds yummy!

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Luvs your buffet looks so festive. Your lace runner makes a pretty backdrop for everything. I always enjoy seeing what you put into your large apothecary jar each time - it makes such a statment in all your vignettes. That little leprechaun looks like he's 'glowing' from too much celebrating!! lol The Irish Plate looks so pretty layered against the green Bordallo plate and the flowers in the vase are a cheerful touch.
I'm glad you had a nice time with a lovely dinner and lots of laughter...what a perfect evening!

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Luvs, you NO idea how happy seeing this post makes me. I'm so glad you did some decorating afterall. Its lovely.
Way to go, Girl.

love, Karen

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Luvs, your buffet decorations are beautiful. I really love everything you did. - Marylee

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Even if you had posted the same before, I miss seeing things. I am in the "love the large apothecary jar" camp! I also love the bowl the flowers are in. Thanks for sharing this with us :)

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Luvs, Your buffet looks so pretty. I'm so glad you decided to decorate a little. The daisies really caught my eye. Sounds like you had a wonderful dinner.
My DS was here so I made Ham, Colcannnon, Soda Bread, and the traditional Green Jello [in our house anyway lol].

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Luvs, what a pretty buffet! Your new green candles are perfect with the other decorations you set out. So happy you posted pictures for us. I don't always remember what others used from the year before and can never see to many pics.

Glad to hear you had a wonderful dinner with friends to celebrate St Pats.


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Very spirited! We March gals have to show our green, and you did a job of it. I love that piece with the flowers! So glad you had a fun evening!

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Glad you enjoyed my little bit of St. Pat's decorations. I really do love St. Patrick's day, especially all the limericks!

My large apothocary jar came from my one and only visit to Nell Hills in Atchison, Kansas several years back. I've enjoyed having it there although it's sometimes a challenge to figure out what to put in it.

I had forgotten that I put some little blocks that spell out IRISH and some green flowers in a pitcher that matches the little pot the daisies are in on the mantel. I just sort of added in a few "green" things here and there with the normal decor.

My heart really wasn't in it this year with so much other "not so good" stuff going on right now--but it's a good distraction for me and helps cheer me up a bit. I know Karen and some of the rest of you can relate to that this year too.

So what's next? Some Spring decor or right on to Easter?

Nana, what is Colcannon? I like green jello too--but not DH, he doesn't really like much of anything "green" when it comes to foods. LOL

Kath and Candy, I can totally relate to not remembering things from a year ago! Heck, sometimes I can't remember why I opened the refrigerator door! LOL

Jeanne, are you all well again? Sure hope so. I keep watching to see if my hollyhocks are coming up. Would be thrilled if they do, but if not, I have plenty of seeds left to try in another location. No, I didn't do the lettering on the little plate, I've had it for a few years now.

Nana, those daisies are real, had to get them for my little pot because they had green centers--perfect right?

Jane, thanks for the sweet comments. Is your Dad doing okay now? Hope he's back home and doing fine. I need you to come decorate for me, you have such a knack for putting just the right things in the right places.

Emaly and Marylee, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing my little leprechaun and goodies. Next year, I'll try to pull the rest of my stuff out and do more.

Now I need to go check out all the posts on Kathleens blog.


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Marlene Kindred

I think he's the happiest looking leprechaun I've ever seen! Very pretty decorations! Love the green leaf plate too.

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Luvs, Colcannon is an Irish dish made with mashed potatoes and cooked cabbage. My family loves it I make it several times a year. I'm sorry this has been a rough time for you. This forum is the best medicine. My DH has been gone for just a little over a year now and coming here has been such a comfort to me.
I sure we see some Spring displays soon as well as Easter.
I hope to have my March Birth Day Table up next week. We celebrate two March birthdays in my family my DD shares hers with Karen on the 31st. There are at least 3 here who have BDays in March.

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luvs...I'm working on getting "well" yet...this one's been a tough one...my family dr has tried stuff ... now my 1X a yr. doctor has cut back on some dosages of my "regular" meds ...& added a new antibodic (if it can help this virus, I will be ecstatic! Too long now...since March 3rd)

But, thanks for ckg on me...I am getting outside a bit (20 min or so) on these nicer days...here's a "Reflections Fish Pond" pic I took today...pond is thawed & could see lots of goldfish...I'm leaning over on the bridge so everything you see is "reflections!" (including my self-portrait!) LOL! Pretty sky color cause pond is quite "murky!"

I am always so HAPPY to see that the fish has made it thru the winter! This is what the pond will look like in 6 wks or so (I hope!)...my pic above is where the "bobber" is in this pic:

I'm not posting much of new things...but still lurking...thanks, luvs! Jeanne S.

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Luvs, I was glad you asked nana what Colcannon was.
I was wondering what it was too. Nana..it sounds like a warm and hearty dish and if you make it several times a year for your family...must be a good one too!
We have two March BDs too...Youngest Gndson was March 13 and DD on March 27th..and then one ea month till Nov!!
Luvs..thanks for asking about my Dad. He came home a couple of wks ago..and it's been tough. He's 89..has slowed down quite a bit since the accident..won't accept any outside help..and I can only do so much. DH & I have taken him for a couple of Dr's appointments and now new glasses. With doing shopping for him - us and trying to keep up with everyone here..I'm always tired.
Looking forward to spring and some cheerful weather.
Seems like most of us here have had a pretty tough time..but this is the place to 'Run Away' too - there's always something good going on.
Jeanne hope your new meds work soon - Your pond and little bridge is are just beautiful.

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Luvs, I was wondering what the Colcannon that Nana serves was also but never ask. Now thanks to you two my question is answered.

Jeanne, wonderful picture of You and Your Pond! Your pond is such a pretty setting and I'll bet you enjoy it. I must say that I didn't realize you was still under the weather with that darn virus. Hope the new meds help get you feeling well soon.

Jane, you sound tired and I'm sure it takes alot of energy taking care of DD and the kids. I miss not seeing more of your wonderful ts and decorations but one can only do so much.

So glad to hear that the Holiday forum is still helping all of us through the tough times. This is such a wonderful supporting bunch.


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Marlene that little leprechaun sure does look happy--do you think he's been visiting a few Irish pubs???? LOL

Nana, that sounds like good "rib sticking" food. Strange that we never had that one when I was growing up on the farm--we ate lots of both cabbage and potatoes, but not cooked together.

Jeanne, I remember your pond. It is so cute. I'm glad the ice is gone and the fish survived. The sky looks quite pretty in that picture too. Hope the meds finally chase all your bad "bugs" away and you will be able to be out and enjoying the nice weather that's on it's way. And guess what? I have one (1) hollyhock about six inches tall! Woo Hoo! I planted six and either they are extra slow or not going to make it. Something has been feasting on the leaves of this one, so I put some bug spray on it yesterday.

Jane, bless your heart, you really do have some responsibilities on your plate now. Remember those long boring days when you were looking for something to do????? Me too! LOL I'm glad your Dad was able to come back home, that's where we always feel best, isn't it? Hope your DD and the kids are pitching in to help at home too, you can only do so much.

Punk, you are right about this forum being a "comforting" place. When I'm tired at night and just want to relax a few minutes, I love to come here and see what everyone is doing. It's nice that we all can offer an encouraging word to each other and share some little creation or other pics that make us happy.

Have a great weekend,


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Luvs, I think your leprechaun enjoyed MORE than a few pubs!
LOL, I've never seen a happier one.

Jeanne, what a great self-portrait of you! ;o) I've always loved your pond and bridge, I'm glad your fish survived the winter. Wow, hardy little things aren't they!
I am so sorry you're still fighting that virus, I'm sure its worn you down badly.

Jane, I'm so sorry your Dad won't accept outside help. He really needs it! YOU really need it. I can well imagine how exhausted and frazzled you must feel trying to keep up with everything and everyone. Will keep you in my prayers

I hope everyone here can "Spring" into some good things, this year has gotten off to a very rough start for too many of us!

hugs and blessings to all,

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