St Paddy's Table

phonegirlMarch 6, 2011

Here's my St Pat's table this year. I bought this tc for last years table. Used some of my green Christmas napkins and place mats. Added a white pm to help with color.

Flatware (Pfaltzgraff)and leprechaun I bought at Ross for this years table. A friend gave me the little figurine that holds a candle for my table last year.

The top of centerpiece was a gas station pump liquor decanter that was DS's. He had lost the top and was going to throw it out and ask if I wanted it. DH made me a new one. I was impressed and the color is perfect.

I have used all the stems on other tables. After seeing Kathleens Irish Coffee, made me think I should of made some in my Irish Coffee cups. The dk gr balls in the bowls, and the lt gr balls beside the dispenser and bird ornaments are after Christmas sale items.

The china is Springtime, it has whtie daisies with brown and green leaves. I picked this up at a ys last summer for $5. The dark green plates are stoneware I've had for years.

Hope you enjoy my St Patricks ts. We have company coming to stay for a few weeks so I cleaned on the house today and will continue tomorrow! My poor dryer over heated I put so many loads with bedding through it today. It would run 10 minutes and quit. I let it set for an hour and it's working again thank goodness. I need to go grocery shopping but sure didn't want to go dryer shopping!


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Punk..The little leprechaun looks like the perfect host for your table! You did a lovely job on everything..again nice layering.
Very pretty dishes and I love the color of your stemware. Is your flatware green too? Very nice...I haven't seen any that color. I see you even had time to put together a pretty stack plate CP - using the gas station pump..DH did a good job with the new top.
I don't know where you get your energy from..working...doing this table - and cleaning for company who will stay for a few weeks...that in itself is exhausting! Like I told Candy..I wish you'd share some of what you two are on... I know I could use some.
Hope your dryer behaves...espec while you have company.


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"Irish Eyes are Smiling" at this table. Including mine!
And I agree with Jane, what the heck are you and Candy taking? Bottle some up and share with rest of us, tho I don't think OA needs any. She's right there with you gals in churning out tables and creativity.

hugs, Karen who's trying 'go green'

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Jane, the flatware is green. I expected you to say something about the golf ball DH used to make the top on the pump. I laughed and then said that will work! The flowers and stems were all from DP.

Forgot to mention the chargers are some DH painted for me. They were $1.25 for 4 on Christmas clearance. They almost match my small plates on this table. DD bought me several sets so even tho they are plain it gives me a nice variety of colors to work with on my tables.

Dryer seems to be working well today. I had forgot we have DD's Maytag Neptune w & d out in the shed so guess we could use them if need be.

Karen, not sure what Candy and OA is on but this is the life I lead. As said before "Fast and Furious".LOL

Thanks so much for your comments Jane and Karen. Coffee's gone so off to do more cleaning and baking!


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Marlene Kindred

Such a festive looking table...very inviting! Love the leprechaun too! He looks so happy...all of your dishes, glasses and decorations are just beautiful!

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Punk, I love this! Love the stack of plates, and the flatware is great! I looked after you told us, but they didn't have any.
The good news is my friend sent me some from World Market. I love it, kind of a pearly look. Now I want to get some more!
Have fun with your company, I know they will love your festive table.

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Very sweet table, Punk, just right for celebrating with friends. The little leprechaun is so cute, and the new top worked perfectly on the little decanter. It all turned out great. Luvs

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I love the tablecloth, I've always loved checks. The stacked plates look great, they remind me of a bulls eye they are so evenly spaced. All and all a darling table. I bought those carnations and shamrocks earlier this year and now I can't find them. Have fun with your company.

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Marlene, so glad you enjoyed this table. That leprechaun is a happy looking lil' fella. Maybe he's drank to much from his bottle!

Kathleen, sorry they didn't have any left but sounds like your friend found you some pretty ones. How's the price on the ones she found? Hope you will be sharing pictures of them soon. Company will be here on Wed.

Luvs, I don't have much for St Pat's decorations but it was fun having a few new things to set on my table.

Frou, sad when we hide things from ourselves. I've had this happen more than I've admitted on here!LOL Hope you find them soon or you'll have to go buy more. We will have fun with the company. DH can take most of the days off and I'll try to take a few myself.

Thanks for all your comments. I'll be able to move on to Easter soon after the company's gone. I have a few totes with Easter goodies for this year so will be alot of fun to see all of it again.


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Punk, This is a terrific table. The checked tablecloth is the perfect foundation for you pretty place settings. I love the stacked plate center piece. The shamrocks under the sherbet dishes are so cute and the flatware is lovely. Those cute green candle holders are great. I think the leprechaun must have been celebrating a little. It's my understanding they are usually very grumpy little fellows, always afraid someone will steal their gold.
I hope you have a wonderful visit with your friends.

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Oh gosh, punk, the flatware is wonderful for a St Paddy table! Love it! And like most others have already said, the stacked placesettings looks fabulous! Also remember your Irish Blessing & it's a keeper!

Quite an original centerpc...that gas pump! Creative thinking! You do rock, punk! & that's no blarney! And your linens, of course, celebrate & make such a great bkgrd for your StP t'scape! TFS! Jeanne S.

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It is just wonderful!!
I love the tablecloth and your DH did a fabulous job on the decanter!

The Irish blessing plaque is perfect. I would like to find one like that but so far the thrift stores have been a little thin on St. Pat's items.

I think you and I shopped at the same place for our carnations and shamrocks, LOL!

DH also did a great job on the chargers! It is so nice that he helps you with your projects.

Another fab table!! All the little details are perfect.


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What a pretty green table. The tablecloth is terrific. I don't usually do anything for St Pat's but I would be sorely tempted with a great cloth like that! The votives and the china and that wonderful flatware really contribute to the look. A very nice job!

- Magpie

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Nana, I need to buy some gold coins but never seem to think of these while shopping. Guess this keeps my leprechaun's attitude positive and that's always a good thing!LOL The candle holders, bowls and middle set of glasses all match but one can't see them all that well in the pictures. The shamrocks were needed to help bring out the green for this table. Glad you liked them.

Jeanne, I can't take credit for coming up with the gas pump cp. The clover was already on the dispenser so when I seen it, wheels started turning and I knew where I could use it! Funny you mention Blarny. I have a pub sign that's hanging behind my table that says "Blarney Spoken Here".

Candy, if anyone could find a plaque it would be "Our TS Shopping Queen"! Hope you are lucky and come across one soon. I'm sure we shop at some of the same places. Wish I lived closer to them. You seem to find the neatest things at such wonderful prices.

Magpie, hope that you will be doing some tablescapes for us to enjoy. So glad to have you back!

Thank you so much ladies for all the sweet comments on this table! Company will be here today and I'm excited.


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