Please look at my plans and advise

coupon1701February 11, 2013

We are in the process of waiting for numbers from our builder. As much as I've poured over this house, I know fresh eyes with lots of experience will be a tremendous help. Please feel free to suggest, comment, critique.

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Plan looks pretty good. The only thing that concerns me is the double sink off the stairs looks really cramped (no counter space). I would either switch to a single sink or expand the width of the bathroom by another foot or two to give you some additional counter space. You could cut into the bonus room/WIC to find the space.

Good luck

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What does the downstairs look like?

Any reason not to put a second window in each of the right hand bedrooms?

I think you might have a door conflict in the upper bedroom (entry and closet). Maybe switch where the shelves are so the closet door is to the right a bit.

In that hall bathroom with the WC, what is to the left of the WC? If possible, I'd consider moving the door to center, and putting the vanity along the left wall so that it can be longer/less cramped. That bathroom has a lot of space, but it is not working efficiently with the present layout. Knowing what is there, exactly, can help me to think of something better.

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Kirkhall- are you referring to the 2nd floor? If so, that's the shower/tub. The closet in the back right bedroom will have a pocket door and I'd rather leave it where it is for furniture placement/wall preservation (will likely have built in bookcase/shelves there in the future.

mark_kc - I too think its looks a bit cramped, but when I measure out 60", it seems two sinks would be comfortable. Maybe it was drawn out of scale?

Thanks and I'd love more suggestions!

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I only see the second floor plan. Where is the main floor?

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Sorry about that, here it is. And I appreciate the input.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

I would take that vanity down to one sink in the upstairs bath. The counter space will be more least in my house.

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If you want 2 sinks in the 2nd floor bathroom, try turning the linen closet 90 degrees and put it on the wall to its right, make it shallower and narrower, and then you might have enough space if you can run the base cabinet around the corner a bit and angle one sink in the corner.


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I think the family entry from the garage is really cramped. The plan has no coat closets at all, and no place to kick off shoes or set down backpacks, etc, unless you plan to have storage for that stuff in the garage?

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A pocket door closet will limit what kind of attachments you can make for the interior of the closet--your shelves/rods will need to be attached on the other walls, not the end walls. Just something to remember for later when you are finishing out the spaces.

That bathroom setup (upstairs). I basically have it, and everyday, I am looking at my linen closet/vanity and thinking how I'd rearrange the space. You don't need the dead end space of the "hall" space (within the bathroom) between the linen closet and WC. That is wasted space. There is a better arrangement, but we'll need dimensions (or better yet, post closeup/dimensions on the bath forum for help). For such a large bathroom, it is cramped.

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Last comment on upstairs: Can you turn your WIC in the bonus/family room space 90* and give a little more room to the bathroom? Is there a reason the WIC has 2 doors?

Main level:
1. Your powder room toilet is closer to your Master than your Mbath toilet. If I were sick in the night in your room, I'm not sure which I'd run to...

2. Some people (myself included) like to be able to get to the master closet even if my spouse is using the toilet; but we are private toilet users, so that wouldn't be possible in your master bath. Only you can decide if that bothers you...and if you are concerned about resale.

3. Is that a pair of french doors to the patio through the great room, or just a single? Either way, I'd probably choose to have the primary door swing the other way (if a single, switch door swing; if it is a double, have the other be your primary door) so that you can easily get from kitchen to patio without having to walk *around* the door (and into the great room).

4. You have a garage entry issue. It appears that you want your utility room to function also as a mudroom, but all traffic to that end of the house has to go through the garage (man door to garage, not utility room currently) and then, you have the door swing from garage to back hall be such that you can't get to the utility/mudroom without opening the door ALL the way. ie, traffic pattern would suggest you should walk into the kitchen from the garage, and not to the utility room.

One way to solve this would be to move that door from the garage to the house to the utility room proper, or have it swing into the garage, instead of into the house's hallway--whether that is possible or not will depend on if you have a step down into your garage.

5. If your kitchen will be a 2-butt kitchen, it is often a good idea to avoid putting the sink directly across from the stovetop so that someone at the sink isn't butt-bumping the person standing at the stove.

Where is your fridge and where do you intend to prep in this kitchen? It seems you've broken up your prep spaces by centering the sink on the island. Reading some old kitchen forum layout threads will give you a better idea about what questions to ask to get a really great functional kitchen.

I like that you kept your cooktop out of the main travel paths of the kitchen.

6. As already mentioned, you are lacking closets downstairs. Your pantry will be sufficient for most kitchen items, assuming you don't exclusively shop at Costco, but you will need more than just that space for the rest of household items.

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zone4newby- yes, we will have a closed wardrobe to address coats, bags, shoes.

-We will be building in ikea pax wardrobes, so I don't see a conflict with the pocket door.

- The walk in closet in the bonus will only have one door on the end. Storage will be along a wall on one side.

-The family room/screened porch door is a double French door, likely one fixed. Need to decide, but agree the swing needs to change.

-I do not want the garage entry into the laundry room. It will have lots of cabinetry/storage/counters I want to preserve. I expect surplus grocery storage and little used kitchen stuff will be in the laundry room. In the garage, right outside the door will be an indoor/outdoor carpet to take off your shoes, put away your coat, and stash anything you need to.

-I am open to rearranging the kitchen, but I've been in a house with this layout and its comfortable. Perhaps bumping the island toward the dining area another 6" would avoid butt to butt contact, I think it's at 3'6" as it is. I feel like the island would look weird with the sink to one side. Am I wrong? Along the garage wall is where the full size frig and freezer will be located. I would assume prep work would happen on either side of the sink, or or the right of the sink.

-You're right, I never realized the master toilet was farther than the hall toilet. We've decided no door is right for us, but maybe changing the closet door location would be prudent. I'll break out my graph paper and see what I can come up with.

Thanks for your comments and keep them coming! I'm only doing this once, from here to a pine box.


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loribug26- I think I just need to see a 60" double vanity and decide if its right for us. My kids will be sharing this bathroom, so certainly counter space will be important. It would not kill me to see a single sink, it's not like as teenagers my son will want to be in the bathroom at the same time as my daughter.

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1. I, too, would rearrange that upstairs bathroom. I do not like the shower (or toilet) being the first thing seen as you walk by. Please post a close up of that area for dimensions.
2. I'm trying to figure out the door way situation by the safe room and mstr bathroom. I dislike the shower as the first thing seen when looking into the bathroom and if you and your spouse are using the bathroom at the same time, when one is in the shower, the other has to walk by it to get in or out of the bathroom. I have an issue with the steam from my dh while I am trying to do my hair..... Anyway, where will you be hanging your towels for the shower?
3. I think your master closet entry is too close to the toilet. Without knowing the dimensions, I cannot offer another placement of the door.
4. The garage to house entry is more like a hall then a mud room, no closet or room to use as a dropzone.
5. How will you place your great room furniture? There is only a partial wall open. I am just curious.
6. What is the open space on the outside between the master, the nook and the porch? Will you have a patio there?
7. Not sure why you would have your water heater in the garage, is this a geographical thing? Where do you live?
8. Why is the garage front set back from the house front? Corners always cost more. Just curious, do you have a front elevation you can post?
9. Where do the steps in the bonus room lead to?

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back2nd - Thanks for your comments!

- Correct, the garage entry is just that. The drop zone will be in the garage with a wardrobe for coats, shoes, etc. We live in the south, coats aren't used that many months of the year.

- Regarding the space between the master and the screened in porch, it will either be a feature small tree like a Japanese maple or a water fountain of some kind. The back yard will eventually include a raised deck, ground level patio, fire feature.

- The steps in the bonus room will access the attic. No pull down! Yay!

- Here is. Pic of the elevations. You give food or thought about moving the garage forward. Could really make revising the master bath easier!

- We live at the beach, right at the NC/SC border. In our current house, the water heater is inside, but many in our neighborhood have it in the garage. Seems pretty standard round here. May switch to a on demand system anyway.

Tonight I want to play around and see about rearranging the master bath. I would love a bigger closet. Thanks a bunch!


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Another elevation shot....

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Here's a zoomed in view of the upstairs bath.

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And finally, a zoomed in view of the master bath/closet.

Oh, and the family room will have floating sofa facing the fireplace with two chairs on the side. Something that swivels would be ideal, for conversation and tv viewing.


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RNmomof2 zone 5

I would have to agree with the comment about getting rid of the pocket door in bedroom #2. They are a pain in the a-- and I sure wouldn't want to use one every time I got in my closet. It appears that there are several walls in that room for the PAX wardrobes. Could the door not swing to the left entering the room or move the closet door down like previously suggested?

For the bathroom how about putting the vanity where the the shower is now. Next but the shower where the linen closet and vanity is. Extend the water closet wall to make a small room with the shower and toilet. Linen closet can go up against the hall in room with vanity. What age and sex are your kids? I have 2 girls 2 1/2 years apart. We have a set up like I just described but I don't think they ever were both in the BR at the same time. (But of course I opted for a pocket door which just screwed up towel bar and toilet paper holder placement and never gets shut) I doubt someone would be using the toilet while the sibling was showering. With the vanity separated, at least someone could be at the sink.

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rnmomof2- I'm thinking something like this might be better. I have a 6yr old boy and 4 year old girl. This would probably serve them best as they get older. Seems like bedroom number 2 could swing the other way, seems simple enough.


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RNmomof2 zone 5

Do you need 2 sinks? I have a 6 ft long vanity with one sink towards one end. I have girls and this gives them room for primping at the other end. Also means cords aren't draped across the sink for hair dryers etc. Looks good, keep tweaking!

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