juniork-- can you share garage door source?

michoumonsterFebruary 4, 2012

Hi Juniork,

Sorry to call out for you on this forum. Hope you are still around! I saw a pic of your garage doors in one of the build progress threads and understand it is faux wood? It looks beautiful, as does the rest of your house. I was hoping that you could share the source for where to buy such a door? I am also in the Bay area, which I think you are also -- (I promise I am not a stalker)! Also, can you give me a ballpark on price too?

Thanks so much for your help!

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I'm not juniork, but I've just researched and bought garage doors. For wood I recommend ranchhousedoors.com. They also carry faux wood made by fatezzi.com. The faux wood were just a bit more expensive than the wood + stain + clear coat costs.

The faux wood looked great from the distance, but felt like plastic when touched. I'm in CA, so the wood will weather well here and be a better fit for my house style and price point. If I was still living in the northeast then the faux wood would have been a better choice.

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Thanks for the info Chispa, I will look for a ranchhousedoors dealer near me to check it out. I was thinking of going with the faux wood for less maintenance since i knew the wood would require annual staining, etc. I didn't realize that the faux wood would cost more than real wood though!

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I don't think the wood requires annual staining. I think a clear coat every few years. We are in the LA area and have a wood front door. This door faces east and gets quite a bit of sun. It is 10 years old and I don't think the previous owners did anything to it - it is just now showing its age. I'll get it refinished soon when the garage doors gets installed. Materials last a lot longer in this drier CA climate.

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