toilet and its vicinity

chuehJanuary 10, 2014

I did not have this problem when I lived alone without guests over. Now, I have a messy husband using the toilet everyday and children guests from time to time. No matter how i clean the toilet and its vicinity (I clean the entire bowl in the out, as well as the vinyl floor), the urine smell always is present. I don't use any cleaner though, because I am allergic to chemicals. I can use vinegar, baking soda, or that sort if they help.


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You may benefit from a hand-held steam cleaner that will sanitize and kill bacteria (which is causing the odor), as well as being able to safely clean nearly any surface. Because of chemical sensitivities myself, that's what I've used successfully for years.

I'd also let your husband have his turn cleaning the bathroom - cleaning equipment is one-size-fits-all - so he can have that moment of realization what he's doing in there.

While putting himself through University, my hubby was a janitor in several schools and a couple businesses (at one time he had 5 different part-time jobs and took 19-hours of credits for his Architectural degree), and because of this unique experience as a janitor when he was very young, he's very "careful" in the bathroom and can clean better than anyone I know - other than his O.C. mother (LOL).


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If cleaners won't do it, you need to have someone pull the stool and put a new seal under it.

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Thanks bunch. All sound good

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Have you taken off the seat to clean around the screws? I found this was the answer to my problem years ago, I have since replaced all seats with the kinds that slide off the screws for easy cleaning....hope this helps.

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Also clean the walls around the toilet and if you have wallpaper, take it down, this was my prob yrs ago with 3 little boys and a hubby.

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Another area that can cause odor problems is when urine seeps between the tank and the seat section of the toilet. I had that issue when my son was little; took us MONTHS to figure out why we couldn't eliminate that smell.

What worked was to clean as much as possible and then my husband caulked the seam. Fixed it immediately and no more stinky toilet.

Good luck, I know how gross this is!

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alameda/zone 8

This isn't cleaning, but a little bowl of vinegar can get rid of smells - works great if someone is smoking in a room. Can put a little bowl in a vehicle overnight to get rid of odors.

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If none of these suggestions work replace the seal. We had to pull our stool to put tile in the bathroom and the seal was bad.

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