wall-mount toilet: any better than others?

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We're adding on a guest room with a small bath and I want it to be easy to clean. So, I'm looking into wall mount toilets.

Are there things to look out for with these? Any to avoid?


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....also routinely installed in Europe (Germany). Definitely way easier to clean, more streamlined look and space saving in small bathrooms because the tank is concealed in the wall.

I'd be worried about making sure that the toilet is actually properly attached by a plumber who knows how to install it. Do they require special framing?

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For easy to clean, wall mount is great. The only thing to be prepared for is sticker shock. Many years ago, a friend's parents had a basement bathroom installed and went with a wall mount. Back then, I don't know if the in-the-wall style of tank was available, but theirs had a tank. I just looked, and, apparently, American Standard is the only company making an exposed tank model. Back then, as kids, we thought it looked cool but have to admit from the picture below, doesn't look so cool anymore. :-)

The in-the-wall tank models are very sleek and save space as well. I'd agree, it would be important to get a plumber who knows what he's doing or can follow instructions. See Kohler installation video link below for an idea on how it's done with Kohler models.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wall mount toilet with in-wall tank installation

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