'LOVE'ly Table

christmascandyFebruary 4, 2012

This is my dining room table set with my Love plates that I bought at Ross a couple of years ago.

The rose angel was an after Christmas clearance last yr. The compote dish she is sitting in and the matching candleholders were from my DMIL and I believe she told me they were a wedding gift in 1945. They have a ruby red cellophane underneath the glass. Sadly, some of it is flaking off, but that is what makes the bases of the candleholders and the dish appear ruby red.

The dinner plates were from GdWl last summer. The silver chargers, pink napkins, and heart napkin rings are also TS. The Damask Rose flatware is heirloom and the crystal glassware is decades old.

Hard to get a candyshot with the chandy in the way, but this is it. The pink beaded placemats under the silver rose bowls with the rose cones and the rose cones were all TS finds. The metallic red candles and the clear heart votives were also TS.

After seeing the photos, I think I need to add some B & B plates. The table seems a bit sparse.



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Candy, it tis a 'Lovely' table alright! The candle holders and dish from your DMIL are priceless. They go beautifully with your angel cp, rose cones and crystal stemware.

Love your rose salad plates and I remember how pretty the rose plates are under them. Then you topped this table off with heirloom rose flatware. Perfect!

Your napkins and holders are so sweet with this table. BTW, I think your table is gorgeous and looks great the way you set it. No additions needed.

How's the snow your way? Hope your not getting any more.


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You are right, Candy! This is a LOVELY table.
The dishes are beautiful and I like them with the silver chargers and heirloom flatware.
The candle holders and dish from your DMIL are treasures.
Your angel is perfect for Valentine's Day.
I like how you arranged the napkins with the heart napkin rings. The heart shaped candle holders are the perfect touch.
I wouldn't change a thing.


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Love the napkin folding w/red hearts, candy, & the lil' crystal tealights at each place-setting. Your angel, MIL's compote dish & candleholders steal the show here! Perfect the the Val-holiday!!!

Love the plates (both types) & your heirloom flatware, crystal glassware are 'lovely!' If you think this is sparse, I bet you can set this up for your DH at your table for two! Love is in the air @your home! TFS! Jeanne S.

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First, the napkin arrangements are terrific. I love it when people go to the trouble of "sculpting" their napkins.

You are so lucky to have some of your MIL's things - and you make use of them, rather than keeping them in a drawer.

The floral plates are lovely. You always find such great stuff.

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You did such a nice job on this table with all your great finds.
I noticed your 'napkin creations' right away too...
I've never seen that fold before and I like the look very much.
Also the pieces from your MIL are so lovely.
I agree that it's nice that you enjoy using them. They're the perfect compliment for your Angel CP.
Your 'Love' dishes are pretty .. a nice find for V Day.
I always enjoy seeing your tables and seeing all your fabulous buys.

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Punk, you are so sweet. The compote and candleholders were from my 1st DMIL who has gone on to be with 1st DH. When she gave them to me many years ago, I treasured them, but I didn't get the full story behind them, and now its too late. The Damask Rose silverware belonged to my 2nd DMIL who passed on before I met DH #2, so I never met her. Our snow is melting, but they are predicting more for Tuesday... :-o

Nana, Thank you, since I have 2 knowledgeable voices telling me the table is ok, I guess I'll leave it alone. LOL I pleated the napkins, pulled them 2/3 of the way through the holder, and then curled the top of the fan underneath and pulled the 2 ends around to meet under the tails of the pleated part.

Jeanne, I like setting the tables, but DH is very similar to Karen's Mr. O. Not much of a romantic although I do get flowers occasionally and he actually does buy them for our anniversary.

OA, I have always loved pretty dishes, but never collected much until I met all the enablers here, LOL In fact, when I used to get a new set of dishes, I would get rid of the previous set!! What was I thinking?? Rhetorical question.
I do find some amazing dishes, but thanks to my travels, I am able to frequent more TS's than the average bear. LOL

Jane, I attempted to explain how I did the napkins in my response to Nana above. I forgot to mention that the white tablecloth on this table was from DH #1's DGM. We started hosting Thanksgiving dinner shortly after we were married and she gave us some very nice linens and crystal because she said she would not use them anymore and knew we would. So I have used that tablecloth for close to 40 years, and it is still in great shape.

Thanks again my friends. I love hearing from you.


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Beautiful table, the napkin folds are just gorgeous! The heirloom pieces always touch my heart when someone here decorates with them. To me nothing is more beautiful than old things with a history!
But I have to say, I'm wild about those rose salad plates.
I need to hunt up just ONE for display. I don't buy or collect rose plates like a certain dear friend of mine here, LOL, but I definitely see myself "needing" one of these in the future. Back to my eBay hunting again. ;o)
What do they say on the back?

hugs, Karen

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Candy, It is a "Lovely" table. Who could resist those rose plates. I seem to have pink roses on my brain these days. Everything with pink roses just "jumps" out to me. And those are gorgeous.
How wonderful to have your MIL's candle holder's. They are absolutely beautiful.

Great Job Again!


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Karen, I was just going to put "dibs" in for those pretty rose salad plates!LOL
Candy, I love this table, it totally speaks to me. My first thought was "how did she ever find those candle holders with a red base? Was so neat that you explained them for us and what a neat family treasure to have. That angel just says Valentines with her red roses on her dress. She makes a wonderful cp and I really love how you used those big hearts too. Just love it all, great job!


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Karen, the back says "Love" Made in China. I bought them at Ross 2 years ago. I have seen the matching teapot there this year, but did not buy it. I don't know why because I love teapots, but was trying to be good, LOL

Creek, thanks, I have always liked roses. What inspired me was I was looking at some tables on Rate My Space and saw some pretty ones. THEN....Karen found me and invited me over here!!! Now, dishes are one of the first items I look for at the TS's.

Luvs, I have seen similar beaded placemats to those pink hearts this year at HG and they were anywhere from $9.99 to $29.99 EACH!! Yikes!

Thanks again, I sure enjoy everyone's comments and postings on this forum!


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LOL, ok I'll take the blame for some of your dish obsession. The Enablers here did a good job 'inspiring' you.

I meant to say earlier how much I love that Rose Angel, she is gorgeous!!

hugs, Karen

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Very pretty! I love the salad plates, and the centerpiece is stunning!

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Love'ly as always. The napkin fold is so pretty too. I have plates almost like yours but heart shaped. I got them at HG several years ago. I only got 2! I am still kicking myself! Happy Valentine's Day dear friend!

Here is a link that might be useful: Stop By For a Visit

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Karen, I think maybe we should refer to ourselves as Inspirers R US instead of Enablers! I sure do get inspired a lot around here!! LOL

Kathleen, the angel is heavily glittered and it doesn't photograph as well as I would like, but she is quite lovely.

Kath, your kitchen vignette is perfect. Good news about your Dad. I'm glad he is comfortable and that he was able to see your sons. Sounds like he was quite a role model!
May God give you the strength you need for the road ahead, and may he take good care of your Dear Dad.


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Candy, maybe its... Inspired Enablers, R'Us

Kathe, your blog post made me smile and cry both. Your Dad is something else. So strong, and so special. (And your sons sound like they will follow in his footsteps.
I am so glad to hear he's resting comfortably, and joking with friends. That is so heart-warming! I pray no more pain for him, just good days with those who love him.
I know it was so terrible for you to see him in pain, and how this little miracle gave your spirit a much needed lift. Bless you, and him.

hugs, Karen

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