Anyone Know How to Reach Eurostoves?

building_a_houseMarch 6, 2013

Been trying all day today (and the past few days) to reach Eurostoves to discuss a few things.

I left a message but have not received a call back.

Anyone have any tips on how to reach them?

No one locally has the Culinarian so I wanted to discuss ordering it from them. Or alternatively since they don't post the price on their website if anyone knows their price on the 36" six burner rangetop I would be thankful!


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Capital Culinarian Series CGRT366 $3603

Here is a link that might be useful: CC Rangetop

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That's not eurostove but thanks anyway.

Capital's pricing isn't fixed like wolf/subzero so it may not necessarily be the same.

But thanks for the link nonetheless.

Still trying to reach them.

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Capital does have UMRP pricing like Wolf/Subzero.

If you buy from non authorized retailer or you buy floor model/scratch n dent it can be cheaper.

You should check ebay and your local craiglist from time to time.

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Eurostoves has a 36" CC Rangetop with grill with small dent in back for $2999 which is normally $3946

Below is Eurostoves dedicated Culinarian website.

Might make you even a better deal if you get one of their hoods.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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They are surprisingly bad about returning calls or responding to emails, it seems you just need to keep trying until the person you want is there and available to take a call. (I imagine they get a lot of window shoppers) Very helpful once you get through.

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I advised you to buy from Trevor but maybe this isn't a good omen. When I bought appliances once, not from Trevor, I had questions for the salesperson and they were not responsive. This was when they were trying to get my business. After they had my money it went down hill. At that same time we talked to Trevor, who had BS at the time and he was very helpful. Posting on this forum has helped in the past to get "attention" so maybe it will now.

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A customer of mine just sent the link to me for this message.

I have no idea who is trying to call ......... we did have phone issues earlier this week only one line working and the other lines went to message, from yesterday I have 65 messages, not to mention today's messages.

Takes me a little time to get though them ........sorry for not replying

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