Cleaning Rough Unfinished Pine Wood Paneling

NewHomeOwner2January 2, 2013

We recently purchased a home with a great deal of rough, unfinished pine wood paneling. The home was built in 1975 and it appears the paneling was never cleaned. It has retained odors and since it is rough and unfinished wood I am at a loss on how to safely deep clean it to remove odors. So far I have only vacuumed the paneling. Thank you.

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A stiff brush?

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In an inconspicuous spot, try a steam cleaning wand.

This site has some ideas:

They rely on water-based solutions, but you can spray them on without damaging the wood. Work bottom to top.

After you get it cleaned up, prevent future odors with a coating of CLEAR shellac, the sort used in smoke clean-up. It will change the appearance slightly, and reeks of alcohol while you apply it, but it seals the wood. Or a matte polyurethane sprayed on.

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Thank you lazygardens for your suggestions.

I was also thinking about getting an industrial ozone generator and shocking the rooms with ozone.

Has anyone taken this approach?

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