Mold in window sill???

wocoJanuary 5, 2007

How do you kill mold in your window sills? I come home from work and blow my nose all night long. I think that it is because we have some mold from the moisture on our windows. I sealed the windows about 4 years ago but it did not stop the mold. This is also a manufactured home.


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We've had terrible mold problems in all the old houses I've lived in (I live in the damp Pacific Northwest), and what works absolutely wonders for us is Tilex Mildew Remover. You can find it at any well-stocked grocery store in the cleaning aisle. It's a bleach-based product, which you just spray on the mold and let sit (we do 10-15 minutes, but the bottle calls for 5 minutes per application). Then wipe off. That's it! The mold is miraculously gone, and doesn't come back for quite a while. I HIGHLY recommend this product.

Of course, it does stink and does bleach, so be careful using it.

Good luck!

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I've always used bleach for getting rid of mold so xantippe is sure to be right.

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Maybe a dehumidifier. 60% humidity and below mold isn't supposed to flourish.

Maybe a HEPA air filter. Filters the mold/pollen/dust out of the air, but doesnt stop it from growing.

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The reason you have mold is because you sealed the windows...un seal them, open them up and let the dry Utah air dry them out....use bleach to get rid of the mold, paint ( unless your windows are metal) and close again. Open them periodically to allow them to dry.
Mold grows where it's damp...your windows obviously have some condensation causing them to be damp.
Linda C

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A home remedy for mold/mildew:

2 c. chlorine bleach
6 c. water

Wash surface and rinse.

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Are these treatments ok on woodwork?? I have mold on all my window sills from condensation on the windows.

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Bleach is the only thing that kills mold, period.

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You might want to get a barometer for the house and check the humidity content. High humidity might be coming from another source.

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bleach does not kill mold.
You need to use Boric Acid mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide. Do a google search and read about it. Bleach will whiten the mold so you cannot see it, it does not kill the roots.

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