Need help-has anyone found a floor plan like this?

dreambuilderFebruary 17, 2013

I want 3 bedrooms on main floor--master suite/walk in shower/bath and w/i closet and then a bath for the 2 bedrooms each bedroom with a w/in closet--large laundry area by the bedrooms (prefer all this on one side of house). Entryway with a coat closet, open kitchen with w/i pantry to living area, sunroom/informal dining off of kitchen. Office and formal dining somewhere around there with a mudroom and cubbies by back door. I know some of you are experts out there--I have searched and searched and have not found one yet! Thanks!

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Draw it up!

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I want to! My husband does better if he can see it--he doesn't visualize and wants to see something similiar before having it drawn to our specs.

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There are 10's of thousands of plans on line. Find one that comes close and print it out. Then you have something to start with and make changes. Sounds like you might to need to search for a 4 bedroom depending on how big of office you need.

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Searching the internet should not be the next step. You need to follow a logical design process the way a professional designer would.

You already have a basic space use program now you need to consider the opportunities and restrictions of the climate and the specific lot you have chosen and the hobbies and special interests/needs of your family.

The process may be tedious but there is no other way to develop a design worthy of the investment you are about to make.

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Maybe this will help get the creative juices flowing...I'm really liking this plan. The rooms are on the same side of the house, but you get a little privacy in the master because it's not off the same hall as the other rooms. There's a large office off the kitchen and a nice utility/laundry room.

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Utahman: I just have to giggle about the depiction of the 3 sinks in the master bath. First time I've ever seen that as a way to depict the 1 or 2 sink option on a posted plan! I thought to myself now thats some planning for alternative lifestyles if ever I have seen it! Having resided in utah myself and knowing the "stigmas" its especially more giggleworthy :)

Seriously tho there was a similar thread recently that pointed out that its quite awkward with that style kitchen island to have the dishwasher and sink where pictured..hard to load the dishes while standing at the sink. Just figured I'd throw that out there!

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This is the plan we are working on for our future build. It meets a lot of your criteria except that we separated the master bedroom from the other bedrooms. This is our retirement home so it probably won't meet the needs of a young family. We will also have a finished basement for a home theater, pool table, etc. This version is over a year old and I've made some changes since then but don't have a photo of it. Sorry for the quality, it's just a photo of the plan. You can click on the photo to make it a bit bigger.

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You guys are bustin my chops. The plan only shows the three sinks as possible locations for one, or two sinks in a vanity. I guess I should make that more clear. This is just a plan I really like (even if there were three sinks!)

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