Tradeoff: coefficient of friction vs grout lines

lori_inthenw_gwMarch 14, 2013

Visualize a small bathroom for a couple of downsizers. Walk past vanity on left, toilet on right. ThereâÂÂs a shower (no door, but a panel separating it from toilet area.) Tub on far wall with a big window.ThereâÂÂs no curb on the shower, but it drops down 2â then slopes to the linear drain.
I would like to use large format tiles-- "itâÂÂs a fairly contemporary house and I was thinking this would help make the room feel a little roomier. Not sure exactly what size, but IâÂÂd prefer rectangles to squares. Would 12 x 24 be too large?
I know the conventional wisdom is to use smaller tiles for better traction on the shower floor. I also know that there are some large tiles with a faily high COF that can be used outdoors, around pools, etc.
Would it be foolish to use large tiles on the shower floor if I made sure to get the right COF? (and what should that be?) Or would it be better to cut them up for the shower floor even if I donâÂÂt like the way it visually breaks up the room?
We will have heated concrete floors throughout the first floor, thinking of adding some integral color, but the plan is to get tiles that are similar so the floor visually flows into the bathroom without much contrast. I was planning on grout that virtually matched the tile, so if I had to use smaller tiles on the floor, that should help.
Anyone have any experience with this issue?

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So long as the tile has a good CoF, you should be fine. But I'd test it, first. Both wet, as well as with "sudsy" water on it, being that there'll be more than water on it while you're standing there, so it'd be a realtime situation.

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